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Street Fighter 6: inspirations… from Shenmue?


Game News Street Fighter 6: inspirations… from Shenmue?

Street Fighter 6 was one of the big stars of this Summer Game Fest: first present at Sony’s State of Play then at the Capcom Showcase, the game intends to bring a breath of fresh air to the saga. And the developers were, apparently, inspired by one of the most cult sagas of video games.

The street above all

New artistic direction, new characters, refined gameplay… Street Fighter 6 is slowly starting to unfold and fans are more than curious – it’s even to their credit when we know the influence of the franchise on the video game industry. This new vintage looks frankly good and after being approached – our preview is available at this address – other little information falls here and there.

Among othersthe World Tour mode will allow players to roam freely in a small open world, with even the possibility of interacting with characters and digging the story a little more. A novelty that is reminiscent of ShenmueSEGA’s cult saga, which itself was originally thought of as an RPG version of the fighting game Virtua Fighter. The comparison with the series was made everywhere in the press, raising a specific question: was Capcom really inspired by the adventures designed by Yu Suzuki?

Shenmue as a reference?

The World Tour mode will, as its name suggests, allow you to travel around the globe to many different regions to explore cities, do activities and meet the main characters of Street Fighter. The first confirmed location is Metro City in the United States and Capcom confessed that other parts of the planet will be revealed very soon.

If we can’t push the activities as far as in Shenmue – we won’t go play pachinkos, for example – the comparison with the franchise is valid and is done everywhere on the web. The YouTuber NeoGeoNow recently delivered a video on the subject, reporting the comments of IGN Japan.

Before the interview, I wasn’t sure if I should ask the question or not (about Shenmue]. It’s sometimes hard to make easy comparisons when creators try new things. However, when I greeted, Mr. Nakayama immediately said “I want Mr. Krabe, who loves Shenmue, to try World Tour mode”, which I think says it all. At least he made it clear that he was aware of the influence of Shenmue.

Despite the lackluster reception of Shenmue III, do you think Shenmue will still be a good example in 2022, for example for a game like Street Fighter 6?