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Rebel Moon: Zack Snyder offers first look at Netflix’s Star Wars


news culture Rebel Moon: Zack Snyder offers first look at Netflix’s Star Wars

The Geeked Week held by Netflix was an opportunity for fans to hear news about their favorite program, as well as future films and series scheduled for the near future. Among them is Zack Snyder’s next film, Rebel Moon. After a short video with his main actress Sofia Boutella, the director shared a first visual live from the studios.

Rebel Moon, Netflix’s Star Wars

The Rebel Moon project dates back several years for Zack Snyder. 300 and Newer Justice League Director Originally Wanted to Produce a Star Wars Spinoffbefore changing his mind to build an entire original universe.

Rebel Moon takes place on a space colony occupied by humanity, on which the tyrannical general Balisarius exercises his influence. Kora, a young woman living in the colony, then decides to rebel against Balisarius. The young heroine will therefore set off to meet warriors whom she hopes to rally to her cause.

Particularly ambitious, Zack Snyder wishes above all to achieve a great epic space epic and make Rebel Moon a gigantic license, like Star Warsone of the director’s biggest inspirations for this project.

I grew up as an Akira Kurosawa fan, as a Star Wars fan. This project was born from my love for science fiction and for great adventures (…). I hope (Rebel Moon) will become a massive license and a universe from which we can build other stories. I spent the last two or three years building this universe. All angles needed to be defined. I made designs, I constantly drew, and I really laid down a fertile base in order to see this world come to life completely.

Rebel Moon: Zack Snyder offers first look at Netflix's Star WarsRebel Moon: Zack Snyder offers first look at Netflix's Star Wars

a first visual shared by Zack Snyder

On the sidelines of Geeked Week held this week, the director wanted to share more with his loyal fan community. As a preview, Zack Snyder therefore released a first visual preview of his upcoming film.

On these first images captured by Zack Snyder, we see a purple figure with massive horns and partially undressed. A style that is reminiscent of the dancers of Jabba the Hutt’s landmark, notably present in episode 6 of the Star Wars saga. We therefore instantly understand the relationship between the two universes, mentioned many times before.

For now, Zack Snyder has just started filming this project. In the casting, we will find Sofia Boutella headlining, accompanied by Charlie Hunnam, Djimon Hounsou or Anthony Hopkins. The film currently has no release date. Depending on the progress of production, it will probably be necessary to count on a release next year, or even 2024.