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PS5: one of Sony’s studios is thinking big! The details


business news PS5: one of Sony’s studios is thinking big! The details

Among Sony studios, we often think of flagship organizations: Santa Monica, Insomniac Games, Naughty Dog… but Firesprite, more discreet, is also one of them. And this studio has decided to greatly expand its capabilities.

PlayStation Studios thinks big

The PlayStation Studios family continues to grow, as we go. Recently, Sony got their hands on Firesprite, a studio based in England, the fourteenth of the group. Founded by former Studio Liverpool, the firm has, it seems, great ambitions. Proof ? First of all, the virtual reality game Horizon: Call of the Mountain, already announced for the PlayStation VR2, developed in collaboration with Guerrilla Games.

But much further than the video game aim, the company has just reached an essential milestone in its history: a considerable expansion of its premises. Previously based in Liverpool with 215 m² at Vanilla Factory, now far too tight for its 300 employees, the company has moved, revealing Sony’s ambition for its studios.

PS5: one of Sony's studios is thinking big! The details

More room, more strength

Firesprite thinks big, to say the least. From now on, the English company has moved to Liverpool with a far greater ambition: 4645m². A considerable extension!

So what’s new in stock? Apparently, according to the statements, Firesprite would work on the return of Twisted Metal, but also a solo adventure game… but also a service game. The latter would therefore fit into the new policy of Sony, which recently admitted that twelve games of the genre would be released in the coming years. In the heap, we can cite the next multiplayer game from Naughty Dog (recently formalized), as well as another, obviously designed by Insomniac Games.