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League of Legends: these 5 passive abilities that deserve an overhaul


news tip League of Legends: these 5 passive abilities that deserve an overhaul

While most champions released today have passive abilities that are just as important as the rest of their abilities, there are a few (usually older) characters that could use a little overhaul of theirs. Today we come back to five of them and explain to you why their passives are no longer up to scratch.

It’s no secret, and especially not for the oldest players of League of Legends: not all champions are created equal, and some suffer the blow of several years without much change on the part of Riot Games. While we know that balancing is a complex issue that will probably never be resolved, it is also true that some champions deserve to at least change their passive abilities as they no longer serve much purpose. Indeed, compared to the passive skill of the very last champion released a few days ago, Bel’Veth, some of them pale in comparison. Today we are going back in detail to five champions who deserve a little overhaul at this level.

Shyvana, Half-Dragon

League of Legends: these 5 passive abilities that deserve an overhaul

For the past few months, Riot Games has asked their community which champion needs to be remade from scratch first. If Udyr was chosen in 2021 and should soon reveal himself in a new light, it is Skarner that the community has chosen in 2022. However, during these two investigations, the same character returned each time: Shyvana, the half-dragon. It must be said that the character has already undergone several major changes since its release, and has gone through all possible and imaginable builds. But if the community voted for other champions regarding a total overhaul, it would still be good to look at Shyvana’s passive:

Dragonborn Fury:
Shyvana deals bonus damage to dragons and increases her armor and magic resistance. The more dragons Shyvana and her allies kill, the more she increases her armor and magic resistance.

If the passive ability could be interesting on paper, and especially could seem extremely adapted to the design of the character, it is in fact only very situational. The dragons are in any case objectives of paramount importance for both teams, having a Shyvana among his allies will not change that. The character’s resistance will then be very random depending on the game, and the Half-Dragon will never really be able to take into account its passive as an important component..

Singed, mad chemist

League of Legends: these 5 passive abilities that deserve an overhaul

There was a time when Singed’s passive wasn’t all that bad. As a reminder, the character is characterized by a very particular gameplay. Indeed, he will spend his time running through enemies and convincing them to follow him as he leaves a trail of poison in his wake.. His passive therefore promises a speed bonus which, on paper, suits him well:

Toxic Wake:
Singed benefits from being sucked up by nearby champions, gaining a brief bonus to movement speed when passing them.

However. In 2022, there are many other ways to gain movement speed (mythic items, for example), and especially many other champions who manage to cross the battlefield much more easily. Singed’s passive only triggers when making physical contact with the opponent, so other stratagems will have to be used first to reach these, which will usually be enough to be fast enough even before the passive gets fired. active. The latter therefore becomes completely useless at present.

Heimerdinger, famous inventor

League of Legends: these 5 passive abilities that deserve an overhaul

Again, a lot of the issue with Heimerdinger’s passive stems from the fact that he no longer feels competitive with the rest of the recent champions.. Where most midlane mages’ passives give them a bit more power or survivability, Heimerdinger’s only promises him a small speed buff near his turrets:

Hextech Affinity:
Gain movement speed near friendly turrets and turrets deployed by Heimerdinger

Suffice to say that this is not what will save you from a surprise gank from a Rengar or a wild Nocturneand it is not thanks to that that you will succeed in avoiding all the spells of the Sylas facing you.

Morgana, fallen

League of Legends: these 5 passive abilities that deserve an overhaul

Careful, we’re not saying Morgana is a bad champion.. Anyone who has ever taken a cage of this champion still remembers it, for the simple reason that he is certainly still under the effect of the latter as it is so long. However, his passive would deserve a little overhaul :

Soul Siphon:
Morgana can drain her enemies’ minds. She recovers HP when she damages champions, large minions, and large or medium jungle monsters.

Formerly, Morgana benefited from life regeneration each time she hit enemies with her spells. However, Riot Games deemed this passive too powerful and nerfed it several times, eventually limiting its activation by hitting champions, large minions, or large and medium jungle monsters. Right now, Morgana’s passive is becoming far too rare to use to be useful, especially when you think of her as support, her favored role for many years now..

Fizz, Trickster of the Seas

League of Legends: these 5 passive abilities that deserve an overhaul

Again, don’t believe we’re trying to tell you that Fizz is a bad champion.. Between his dash, his jump which makes him invulnerable, and his enormous damage, the sea trickster will know how to drive you crazy if you play against him. However, his passive seems way below the rest of his spell kit. :

Agile Fighter:
Fizz can pass through units and has a fixed amount of damage reduction against against all damage sources

Traversing units can be a great bonus for many characters with low mobility, but Fizz already has so much to do without that kind of ability that she’s almost useless.. Regarding its damage reduction, it is certainly effective at the start of the game, but becomes much less impactful as the game progresses, and is not really suited to its role as an assassin. We would prefer a passive that would add some damage or reduce the reduction times of his skills, for example.

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