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League of Legends: drama on the new chromas! Our explanations


news tip League of Legends: drama on the new chromas! Our explanations

Riot Games recently announced that it wanted to diversify its cosmetics offer by adding a new type of chromas only available via the new in-game currency. If the intention is quite good and the result quite convincing, the price is controversial. We will explain everything to you.

Like any good free to play, League of Legends has a whole bunch of cosmetics to buy that don’t change the gameplay but allow players to stand out aesthetically. If we no longer count the number of skins available in the game shop, Riot Games decided to diversify a bit and offer a new form of cosmetics: the mythical chromas. Supposed to be released as soon as the next patch (12.12) which should arrive in the next few days, these new chromas already seem to be unleashing passions. Indeed, despite a convincing result that will change the color of spells in addition to that of champions, the MOBA community has mainly focused on its price, which is far too high.

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It depends on your manners…

League of Legends: drama on the new chromas!  Our explanations

These new mythic chromas should join the new in-game store dedicated to Fantastic Essences (which have replaced mythic gems). They should allow players to give new life to their mythical and legendary skins, either among the rarest (and expensive) in the game, worth 1820 RP or only unlockable via this famous store.

A new mythical chroma should join the store every two patches, and will improve the skin concerned by giving it new colors, whether on the character model or on its abilities. On paper, the community of League of Legends players does not seem hostile to the principle, quite the contrary. The new mythic chromas, illustrated thanks to the future Veigar Boss of Mythic Combat, are obviously prettier and allow the old legendary skins to be transformed to make them even more attractive. We let you judge for yourselves with a comparison made by the famous YouTube channel SkinSpotlights :

…the thickness of your wallet

League of Legends: drama on the new chromas!  Our explanations

But where the shoe pinches is when you learn the price of these famous mythical chromas. To be able to unlock them, you will have to spend no less than 40 Fantastic Essences, an extremely rare resource since it can only be obtained in game events, and by buying a certain number of chests and other capsules. A way for Riot Games to make these new cosmetics very exclusive, of course, but also to spend a lot of money on their players who would simply like new colors for their most prestigious skins.

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If we can recognize the developers of League of Legends for listening to their community, players remain skeptical about a possible downward revision of these new chromas. They had indeed already expressed their dissatisfaction with the chroma available for Pyke Ash Knight, also available for 40 Fantastic Essences while it does not even offer to change the color of spells as the mythical chromas will do. With these new aesthetic options, players feel like cash cows more than ever, and want to be heard. Response very soon when patch 12.12 is released.

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