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League of Legends: a Star Guardian skin already unveiled?


news tip League of Legends: a Star Guardian skin already unveiled?

It was an event eagerly awaited by the League of Legends community, the Star Guardians will be back this summer from July 14th. If we do not yet know anything about this event, the community has not been long in trying to guess which champions will have the right to their magical girl skin. And one of them has already been talked about…

This is surely one of the favorite themes of the League of Legends community: the Star Guardian skins have just made their big comeback official for July 14 with the help of a very mysterious announcement video. If the latter, with very marked Japanese inspirations, gives pride of place to the soft and calm environments of the Star Guardian classrooms, it only partially reveals one of its characters during the last seconds without us not can really establish his identity with certainty. If the community is obviously in turmoil since last night to dissect the slightest clues hidden in this teaser of barely a minute, a skin seemed to have leaked several days ago.

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Guardian Popstar

League of Legends: a Star Guardian skin already unveiled?

A few days ago, a Seraphine Star Guardian skin surfaced on the internet, and quickly unleashed passions. Indeed, while the event had not even been made official by Riot Games, this skin was so well done that it looked like it was straight out of the League of Legends creative team. Many netizens have therefore started to firmly believe in a leak of both the skin and the event, and who could blame them when they see the result. First, we must admit that Séraphine is a completely plausible candidate to receive a skin from this theme as its basic design is close to it, but above all, the visuals that kept spinning on the canvas were more than convincing:

League of Legends: a Star Guardian skin already unveiled?League of Legends: a Star Guardian skin already unveiled?

However, as you can see in the second image, the artist behind this creation came to clarify things publicly on his Instagram account. This leak is therefore nothing more than an excellent fan art of a certain user answering to the nickname of jmarkou_art on Instagram.

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Theories or leaks?

League of Legends: a Star Guardian skin already unveiled?

While clarifications from the original artist were enough to calm the community as to the authenticity of this alleged leak, however, League of Legends players have not stopped supporting their belief that champion Seraphine will indeed receive a Star Guardian skin. The most probable theories of the moment do in fact mention a skin of this theme for the Dreaming Singer, but which would rather be reserved for Wild Rift, the mobile version of the game.

Regarding the rest of the champions concerned, a rather convincing list has also been running for several weeks already, and seems to be aiming rather accurately given the clues revealed by last night’s teaser. For the most curious among you, you will find it below (warning, potential spoilers for those who don’t want to know anything before Riot Games makes it official), obviously to be taken with a grain of salt:

Summary of the League of Legends walkthrough

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