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Jak and Daxter: the legendary PS2 license ported to PC in 4K 60 FPS, here is the result


Game news Jak and Daxter: the legendary PS2 license ported to PC in 4K 60 FPS, here is the result

It’s not just Nintendo fans who have fun updating some of their favorite video games! This is also the case for the Sony community, which is developing an almost finished project around the game Jak and Daxter.

Jak and Daxter PC in 4K 60 FPS

Flagship license of Naughty Dog and Sony, Jak and Daxter made the heyday of the PlayStation 2 in the early 2000s. The main series consists of three platform and adventure video games, including the “competitor” principal at the time is Ratchet & Clank from Insomniac Games. It was the Lombax and his robot friend that established themselves as Sony’s flagship franchise in recent years (the latest installment of which was even a flagship to tout the features of the PlayStation 5) and Jak and Daxter have since fallen into the oblivion, at least on the side of his publisher.

Fans do not have short memories and want to see this cult saga on their screens again: for this purpose, some have decided to transpose the title to PC in a more modern version (and in particular with the famous 4K / 60FPS). An ambitious project, especially since Jax and Daxter was made in a home-made programming language by Naughty Dog called GOAL. The teams behind this project therefore had to understand this programming language and “develop their own compiler (IDE) for GOAL and then recompile the whole game for the PC version“. Here is the result :

A way to wait while waiting for the movie

Project being neither emulation nor a real portage, this Jak and Daxter PC brings some additional additions compared to the PlayStation 2 version. In addition to the frequency at 60 frames per second and the resolution in 4K, these are comfort options that have been integrated:

We’ve added a bunch of settings options (and removed those that didn’t make sense) to give you a more modern experience, or a vintage experience. It’s up to you ! There are also secrets that have been added. We want to keep the main essence of the gameplay (controls, physics, behaviors, etc.) the same. – FAQs

In any case, this PC version of Jak and Daxter is a new way to re(discover) an unmissable license from the 2000s. Although no new opus seems to see the light of day in the months to come, there is also the Jak and Daxter Collection available on the PlayStation Store while a film is also in preparation.