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Get Xbox Game Pass for free and legally? It’s possible !


news tip Get Xbox Game Pass for free and legally? It’s possible !

You read that right, there is definitely a way for everyone to get multiple months of Xbox Game Pass membership without spending a penny or straying from the right path. It is Microsoft themselves who offer a solution that is admittedly a bit long, but quite possible. We will explain everything to you.

Unless you live in a cave of unfathomable depths, you’ve probably heard of Xbox Game Pass. You may even have already subscribed to the on-demand games service, as its offer is so interesting. What if we told you that you could continue to take advantage of this subscription without paying? Impossible, would you say? Illegal maybe? None of that, we would answer. It is enough to take a little interest in the Microsoft Rewards system. We explain to you what it is.

Vow of fidelity

Get Xbox Game Pass for free and legally? It's possible !

Microsoft Rewards is a kind of small loyalty program offered by Satya Nadella’s company. By regularly connecting to the service, you will have the opportunity to achieve a few objectives to earn a certain number of points, which can then be exchanged for many gifts. If anyone can access the service using just a Microsoft account and start doing a few things like polls or special searches, the most efficient way to accumulate points will of course be to use the Microsoft Edge browser, and the Bing search engine.

If we could already hear some sneers in the background, we remind you that the time when Microsoft’s browser was a big joke is now a thing of the past. Indeed, as we told you about on HelloSolar.info Tech earlier this week, Microsoft Edge has nothing to do with its infamous predecessor Internet Explorer. Even better, it keeps getting better and can already compete with the most popular browsers on the market, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox included. As for the Bing search engine, let’s be honest, it will only take you a few days to get used to it.

It’s far but it’s beautiful

Get Xbox Game Pass for free and legally? It's possible !

Once you start accumulating a few points, all you have to do is go to the “Use” tab of the Microsoft Rewards program to find out what you can do with them. As you will have understood, this is where you can select one or more months of Xbox Game Pass subscription. Note also that if it is this subscription that interests you, you can choose between the Ultimate version or the PC version, which of course will not need the same number of points to be unlocked. Plus, you can decide to save up enough points to take several months at once, or take it a little at a time by taking a single month. For example, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will ask you:

The most comfortable in mathematics will have understood: taking several months at once will save you points, but will of course take you much longer to accumulate.. For Microsoft lovers, also know that you can also choose to unlock Xbox gift cards with a value ranging from $5 to $25, for 5,000 and 25,000 points respectively. The opportunity to buy games to keep them forever, rather than going through a subscription whose content will change over time.

Finally, it is also worth noting that Microsoft Rewards is not limited to its own services as rewards. Indeed, as we explained to you some time ago, League of Legends players will be able to use their points to unlock RP for free. And if video games don’t take up your entire life, you’ll also find gift cards for stores like Fnac, Darty, Zalando, Decathlon, and even services like Spotify. The most altruistic among you can even choose to make donations to a few associations without spending a single euro.

Get Xbox Game Pass for free and legally? It's possible !