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Genshin Impact, don’t miss the “Abundance of Mastery” event (Resin saving)


news tip Genshin Impact, don’t miss the “Abundance of Mastery” event (Resin saving)

A new event is available on Genshin Impact. This one is a bit special and does not offer new content per se, but it is nevertheless very important, because it is very profitable! We will explain everything to you.

New characters keep coming to Genshin Impact. There are also two new ones that will be released soon during the 2.7 update. But as you know if you have already upgraded your team, you need upgrade materials. And that’s why this event is so interesting, because you will be able to double the materials collected 3 times a day. So be sure to grab your free Prime Gems, and get ready for May 22!

Abundance of mastery

Why is this event so important?

Genshin Impact, don't miss the event

The event Abundance of mastery is an event that will be available from May 22 until May 29. To be eligible, you must have unlocked the skill dungeons following the story of the game.

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The principle is simple: During the “Abundance of Mastery” event, the rewards you get by spending Primordial Resins in the “Gorge of Oblivion”, “Taishan Manor” and “Purple Court” can be doubled three times per day!

The importance of this type of event should not be overlooked. If you do it every day, it’s a theoretical gain of 420 resin points. You may not need these books right now, but they will eventually come in handy.

Genshin Impact, don't miss the event Genshin Impact, don't miss the event

Why does this event happen so suddenly?

We guess that this event is not there by chance. Indeed, the update has been delayed, and in order to avoid an “empty” week, the developers have decided to relaunch this event so that players can start gathering the necessary materials for the characters to come. The update will be released on June 1st, and will bring a lot of content, including new characters, events and improvements!

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