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Doom: he manages to put the game… in a LEGO brick, you have to see it to believe it


Game news Doom: he manages to put the game… in a LEGO brick, you have to see it to believe it

Always more. Or always less, depending. Doom is certainly one of the most emblematic games of the Tenth Art and still today the title endures thanks to the ingenuity of some people. Today, a new record was broken…

A game to fit in a box

Since Doom first of the name pointed the tip of his nose in 1993, almost everything has been done about him: sequels, a movie, countless crazy mods, sometimes great mods… It is rare for titles to cross so many generations, but that of John Romero is very clearly an institution.

And for some time, a strange challenge wants to bring this video game legend to the most absurd materials possible. In bulk, smart guys have already managed to install Doom on a refrigerator, a calculator, a pregnancy test (?!), on Twitter or even on the QT Py ESP32 Pico and its 1.3 inch screen. Today, a new feat of its kind has been proclaimed.

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Doom x LEGO

Hacker James “ancient_james” Brown has just done the unthinkable: configure Doom in a LEGO brick. Yes, in a brick… LEGO, here in blue and very slightly transparent. The game runs in particular on a hardware itself miniaturized, namely a small printed circuit board STM32F030F4P6 with an ARM Cortex M0 processor and 16K flash memory.

As for the screen, it is a 0.42-inch OLED dale with a resolution of 72x40p. So yes, when we take a look at the video below, it seems extremely difficult and impractical to play Doom in this configuration – more than a feeling, we can bet on the fact that this is indeed the case – but the feat is there and very real. What to do with this beautiful creation now? Include it in your LEGO builds, most likely.

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