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Dontnod (Life is Strange, Vampyr): new name, new logo and 7 teased games in pictures!


Game News Dontnod (Life is Strange, Vampyr): new name, new logo and 7 teased games in pictures!

Dontnod Entertainment is a studio that is starting to have some baggage. Today, the firm is updating itself by giving itself a “new” name, a new logo as well as a video to teaser the next seven projects along the way. Just that !


Just yesterday, Dontnod Enterainment gave us an appointment today for some important news about him. There is something to be excited about when you know the frankly convincing liabilities of the Parisian studio, which has recently had a branch in Montreal: Remember Me, Life is Strange, Vampyr, so many productions that have allowed him to build a sizeable pedigree… which makes him a company to watch carefully.

And as promised, the news has therefore fallen. These coincide precisely with the fourteenth anniversary of the company which, for once, offers itself a new name: now say hello to “DON’T NOD” (literally “don’t nod”) as well as a brand new logo and even a website brand new.

We reintroduce the apostrophe and the space between “DON’T” and “NOD”, in order to give full meaning to the name of the company. DON’T NOD is made up of two words that represent, as a company and in the games we create, our tendency to be unafraid to go against the grain and break the codes, also illustrated by the D broken and the N visible inside. This new logo links our creations – immersive and meaningful stories – to who we are as a company.

It really seems good to specify that it was the original name of the studio when it was founded in 2008.

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Dontnod (Life is Strange, Vampyr): new name, new logo and 7 teased games in pictures!

7 images for 7 games

In a rather playful mood, DON’T NOD also published a frankly short little video: only nineteen seconds… and yet so many clues. In effect, each version of the logo allows itself to tease a game currently in preparation, for a total of seven. We can then see a cassette with a VHS type filter (the return of Life is Strange?), a winter atmosphere tinged with ancient runes, a rather dreamy starry logo, another immersed in the northern lights…

Enough to let the theories flourish, which the community is already working on. Only project already formalized for the moment: the very last (in the snow), being called Gerda: A Flame In Winter and whose release date is scheduled for September 1st. This is an adventure and narrative game that puts the player in the shoes of Gerda, a young nurse lost in the midst of the horrors of the Second World War. Note that DON’T NOD is the publisher, the software is developed by an external studio, Portaplay (Broken Lines).

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