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Diablo Immortal: the hunt for demons delayed in a major market!


Game News Diablo Immortal: the hunt for demons delayed in a major market!

Released on June 2, Diablo Immortal is a free hack’n’slash in which a new character, that of the players, is invited to fight against demonic hordes ready to invade the world. As expected as it was criticized on its release, the title must face a new oddity.

There is not much to say about content for Diablo Immortal. The title is rich, proposes multiple quests and environmentsplays very well on the touchscreen, allows you to play many hours in the Diablo universe while waiting for the fourth major episode.

A successful launch from a financial point of view

Credited with 10 million downloads at launch, Immortal quickly ran into the ire of players who got close to endgame. The economic model would be very unbalanced from that moment, gold, it is there that, classically, one says that Diablo begins.

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As a result, the game suffered a huge wave of review bombing on Metacritic, and now displays a user rating of 0.3 on PC, where the game is in beta, and 0.4 on smartphones and tablets. That didn’t stop Diablo Immortal from generate over $24 million in two weeks, mainly in the United States and South Korea with 43 and 26% of expenditure. Enough to satisfy Blizzard and NetEase, who have however quickly disillusioned.

Diablo Immortal delayed in China, the Stock Exchange sanctions it

Indeed, Diablo Immortal has just been delayed in China, a crucial market for such titles. NetEase and Blizzard, which had obtained a license before the blocking and the introduction of new rules, did not give the precise reasons behind this postponement, but Zone Bourse indicates that the decision came after blocking the game account on the Weibo social network. On Sunday, NetEase indicated that it wanted to improve the gaming experience and proceed to “multiple optimization tweaks”.

Do these optimizations concern the appearance of the title, violent and evoking religion? Difficult to know, since the title had received government approval. The fact remains that the financial markets did not appreciate it at all, by making drop NetEase’s stock by 9% at the open. A situation which could worsen, NetEase not having no new release date given.

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