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Diablo Immortal: fully upgrading your equipment, how much does it cost? The price will shock you


news tip Diablo Immortal: fully upgrading your equipment, how much does it cost? The price will shock you

A few days ago Diablo Immortal was released on our mobiles as well as on PC, via a beta version. This release was still quite expected, because it was the first time that a license game was ported to mobile! Unfortunately, since then, a lot of criticism has arrived, and in particular on the economic model chosen by Activision Blizzard for its game…

An economic model that questions

As we told you, this release of Diablo: Immortal was quite expected by the fans. Indeed, we have long understood that Activision Blizzard is making eyes at mobile and intends to do a lot of releases on it in the future.

So, we could say that they would have applied for the release of Diablo Immortal which is still a major license on the side of Blizzard. In terms of content, if we go by the first feedback, the experience is quite satisfactory. But if you looked at player feedback, you also noticed a criticism that came up often, that of the economic model.

Diablo Immortal is a free to play game. There is nothing to pay to install and play it and that means that to be profitable, Blizzard goes through microtransactions. The pattern is known and games like Fortnite have popularized it and have proven that it was even sometimes more profitable than making the game pay in itself !

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Therefore, even if it did not please some of the fans, we could suspect that a battle pass and purchases of cosmetic elements were necessarily going to be part of the game, but what angered a lot is that the microtransactions didn’t stop there!

Diablo Immortal: fully upgrading your equipment, how much does it cost?  The price will shock you

A pay-to-win game?

Because yes, if there is indeed a battle pass and cosmetic elements to buy, it does not stop there and Diablo Immortal goes even further! In effect, you will definitely be able to spend real money to improve your equipment, which still poses a problem.

What form does this actually take? Well, in the game, you have a dungeon called the Ancestral Rift and this dungeon has a particular function. Indeed, you can add emblems to increase your chances of loot.

Except that if these emblems are purchasable in game currency, there is a legendary version which gives it even more loot. The problem is that these legendary emblems, you can only buy one per month for in-game currency. Then, you will have to go to the checkout.

It’s already pretty borderline, but on the tweet below, see the difference in loot between someone willing to pay $20 for an Ancient Rift run with legendary emblems and a run from someone who plays without these emblems.

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A staggering sum to have the best equipment

A few days ago, it was the Youtuber Bellular News who embarked on a calculation to determine how much money you had to spend in Diablo Immortal to have the best equipment and this is simply colossal.

In fact, according to his calculations, it takes no less than $110,000 or around $103,000 to be able to successfully unlock the best equipment on Diablo Immortal. Others had fun calculating how long it would take to have the best gear with the legendary emblem purchasable each month and we’re coming to around 50!

Therefore, we can understand the discontent of some of the players, especially since as we told you before games like Fortnite are quite profitable with an economic model which is what it is, but which is in any case simply based on cosmetics.

Therefore, if Activision Blizzard really wants to move towards mobile in the future, it’s a safe bet that we will have to react quickly, for example by raising the purchase limit for legendary emblems in in-game currencyunder penalty of seeing its audience flee the game and above all potentially no longer coming back to future games.

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