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Bloodborne: what if a new opus under Unreal Engine 5 was born?


Game news Bloodborne: what if a new opus under Unreal Engine 5 was born?

Bloodborne, the other Souls-like from FromSoftware and great fan favorite, shows itself in a new light with a fan-made trailer under Unreal Engine 5. In the absence of news of a remake or even a sequel , we can always count on the most loyal fans to offer us very attractive projects.

What if? Bloodborne 2

While Hidetaka Miyazaki is obviously known as the creator of Souls, the current president of From Software is more broadly tied to all of Souls-like at the studio, as Elden Ring recently or sekiroand of course Bloodborne. Exclusive to Playstation 4 when it was released, the title quickly won over fans of the studio before becoming one of the most popular apps for Sony’s console.

Embedded in a dark and tortured world with Victorian inspirations, the player is plunged into the darkness of the city of Yharnam, infested with evil and bloodthirsty creatures. The title obviously takes up everything that made the salt of the Souls, namely a nervous and demanding gameplay, iconic Bosses and above all, a particularly high difficulty.

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While FromSoftware is still working on Elden Ring and will probably bring us DLCs for its latest addition in the future, Bloodborne loving fans can always be counted on to continue the game’s legacy. famous chain ENFANT TERRIBLE who shares with us a revisit of the universe tinged with darkness of Bloodborne, all under Unreal Engine 5.

Will Bloodborne return?

After this trailer, we obviously salute the work of the creator who leaves you dreaming. If these images are salivating, they also leave a bittersweet taste for those who are impatiently awaiting news of the license from the main interested parties: From Software. As we said earlier, the studio is arguably more involved with the Elden Ring follow-up than a new project. While many recent speculations announced the return of Bloodborne in the form of a remake, ultimately nothing has been presented yet. A remake, a sequel, even a port would do. Finally, any sign from the studio would be enough to make the fans excited, but we will have to be patient before we can perhaps find Bloodborne.

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