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Amazon Prime: 7 movies and series to watch immediately if you liked Stranger Things Season 4


news culture Amazon Prime: 7 movies and series to watch immediately if you liked Stranger Things Season 4

The new season of Stranger Things landed recently. For the occasion, the editorial staff of HelloSolar.info offers you 7 similar films and series on Amazon Prime.

The Goonies

The Goonies is the story of a gang of teenagers in search of a lost treasure. Equipped with a map that will have to be deciphered, they set off in search of the money that will save their neighborhood. For this, they face all the dangers. This film quickly became a classic of the genre that rocked the childhood of many people. The Goonies has however marked a lot for its many forgotten shells due to the presence of different subplots. Throughout the film, the children refer to scenes or characters that do not appear in the final version of the latter. It was produced and imagined by Steven Spielberg and grossed over $124 million on a budget of $19 million.


Gremlins is one of the cult films of the 80s which marked by their themes mixing horror, science fiction, all with a “cute” visual. The story follows Billy, as well as his new pet, a Mogwai. It is a totally harmless creature, and even cute, but it must follow certain rules. Do not expose it to light, avoid any contact with water and, above all, never feed it after midnight. One day, the Mogwai escapes the vigilance of the family and breaks one of these rules. The consequences are not long in coming. Due to the success of the film, a sequel has been produced and an animated series is even expected.

Outer Range

In Outer Range , we follow a simple rancher in Wyoming who discovers a terrible secret at the edge of his property. Its discovery is not without risk because it reaps terrible consequences. Don’t expect a series in a straight line because the script choices and the western style mix genres, sometimes at the expense of an easy-to-understand logic. Despite everything, it was very well received by science fiction fans who got carried away by the characters. It is Josh Brolin who obtains the first role with, at his sides, Imogen Poots, Lili Taylors and many others. There are only eight episodes available on Amazon Prime, but the series is still ongoing.


supernatural is one of the emblematic series of the 2000s. It follows the adventures of the Winchester brothers, involved in the hunt for supernatural, mythical creatures and other urban legends. It becomes one of the longest series of its kind in no time. Despite its horrific influences and its sometimes frightening scenario, the series knows how to cultivate a refreshing humor over the seasons. So much so that self-mockery has become almost a trademark of the series. It ends after 15 seasons but a derivative series based on the youth of the parents of the two heroes has been ordered.

Amazon Prime: 7 movies and series to watch immediately if you liked Stranger Things Season 4

Tales from The Loop

Series Tales from The Loop is based on the universe of the eponymous illustration book by Simon Stålenhag, but also on the role play of Nils Hintze, Matt Forbeck, Tomas Härenstam, Björn Hellqvist and Nils Karlén. The story is set in the 80s and follows a small village stuck in a loop that allows you to explore the mysteries of the universe. Unfortunately, it seems that the inhabitants and their environment are also affected in a worrying way. If the rhythm is slow, it is to leave room for contemplative moments and a very human story, to the detriment of the action.

Truth Seekers

Truth Seekers is a series of science fiction, but also horror comedy. It follows a gang of paranormal investigators who set out to film ghosts all over the UK. Their journey takes them to World War II bunkers, asylums and other crazy places. However, in the course of their journeys, they one day discover a real conspiracy. The series was canceled after just one season despite a golden cast of Nick Frost, Simon Pegget and Nat Saunders, as well as very decent reviews. Despite everything, the series, without reinventing anything, remains a good entertainment.


Utopia uses conspiracy theories as the mainspring of its storyline. A group of children get their hands on a comic book and they discover that the plot told in it is in fact very real. It is a remake, even a reinterpretation of the original series of the same name. The latter is of English origin and was released between 2013 and 2014. First in the hands of David Fincher, it was Rooney Mara who inherited the project. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after 8 episodes. We can think that despite its cult basic material, this American version did not arouse enough emotions. The original series is only available on Apple TV.