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A boosted FPS that draws the cards! Discover Neon White


Game news A boosted FPS that draws the cards! Discover Neon White

In the world of independent games, two publishers are racing ahead: Devolver, on the crazy side of the Force; and Annapurna, which stands out with more “arty” creations. But sometimes the lines blur, and one like the other steps aside to offer a new original title. This is the case of Neon White, published by Annapurna. Let’s go for a new Wanted!

“Wanted”, your new indie column on HelloSolar.info:

Straight out of the confines of the West, Wanted is your new column about indie games. But not just any! Those who are quirky and who have fun, for example, mixing two concepts that don’t have much in common. We play it a bit and we give you our impressions. Come on, let’s go on the run!

Neon White

A boosted FPS that draws the cards!  Discover Neon White

We told you in the last Wanted: indies have become masters in the art of mixing game elements that have nothing in common – at least in appearance – to give life to surprising experiences. Creatures of Frankenstein that are sometimes lame but occasionally walk on the fire of God! This is the case of Neon White, a title developed by the creator of Donut County which mixes FPS action with a card game and visual novel. How come it can’t stand? Do not move from your seat, sofa, WC. We immediately prove the opposite.

UNO in paradise

We start with the most important. On the sidelines of its many originalities, Neon White has above all a genius idea: player’s weapons and actions are conditioned by cards. Eh yes ! Basically, at the start of each game, you can only move forward, jump, attack melee. Then you find a yellow card, adorned with a gun. Two choices are then available to you: shoot the surrounding demons until the precious power is exhausted; or “discard” the card in question – or lose it for good – to use its secondary ability. In this case, it is a second jump. The other cards follow this same logic: the violet, which gives you an automatic weapon, allows you to launch an explosive bomb. While the blue, decorated with a beautiful semi-automatic, is used to rush forward and cross the enemy. The sequences are numerous.

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So yes, it’s fine to cavort with a belote, but what’s the point? To be more concrete, the gameplay of Neon White is expressed above all thanks to its level design. Here it is a sequence of very short levels – 20 to 40 sec at the beginning of the adventure – where you have to kill all the demons and jump in abundance to reach the exit portal. But beware, the latter opens only when all the creatures are eliminated. And if you’re not fast enough, you won’t have the necessary rank to unlock the following areas. Do you see the thing? Of course, Neon White requires being alert, reactive, knowing which card to use and when. A real learning process takes place: each level must be apprehended, memorized to set the best time. Note that you will have as many tries as necessary.

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100 ball bet

Quickly, Neon White becomes addictive – exhilarating, reminiscent of the fevers caused by a certain Hotline Miami. It’s simple, you will have only one desire: to start the levels again and again until you achieve records. The Annapurna game also encourages this. After a certain score, in each level, you can see your ghost in order to improve your route, unlock clues on the best trajectory to follow and consult a world table of best times. The game contains a total of a hundred areas, so you have plenty to do! The icing on the cake, Neon White offers an offbeat and well-realized universe (monster slayers in search of redemption in paradise) at the heart of a whole visual novel aspect. If it’s the gameplay that turns you on, it is possible to speed up the dialogues without the slightest constraint. In short, in the world of Angels and Gods, there is something for everyone. One of Neon White’s strengths.

A boosted FPS that draws the cards!  Discover Neon White

Dead or alive ?

(Duration of the run: 1h30)

So, should we go in search of Neon White? After an hour and a half on the full version, it’s a big yes! If you are looking for an original and dynamic action game, look no further! It’s both addictive, well thought out and nicely done, even with a whole visual novel aspect that is worth seeing but which can also be completely put aside (you never know, if it’s not your thing ). You are not guaranteed the rest of the trip, but the horizon is more than positive.

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