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Tribute to Studio Ghibli: the book returns in an expanded edition


news culture Tribute to Studio Ghibli: the book returns in an expanded edition

Big success in bookstores, the mook Tribute to Studio Ghibli: The Dreammakers will reappear on the shelves on the occasion of a revised and expanded edition. The best way to be unbeatable on Studio Ghibli productions (My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away…).

Tribute to Studio Ghibli: The return of the bestseller

Ynnis editions give you see you from June 8 to find the revised and expanded edition of the book Hommage au studio Ghibli: Les artisans du r├¬ve, written by the Animeland magazine team. This 144-page book will be available in bookstores but also on the publisher’s official website at the price of $16.50.

It is through a tweet that the publishing house specializing in works related to pop culture relays this information which is aimed at all lovers of Japanese animation:

let’s remember that the books in this ÔÇťTributeÔÇŁ collection are offered in mook form with numerous color illustrations as well as detailed information around the chosen theme. The latest releases concerned in particular the work of Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Paprika), the saga The Witcherbut also the universes of Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings), Dark Souls, Pixar, dreamworks or Kingdom Hearts.

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A corrected and enlarged edition

Originally published in 2017, the book Tribute to Studio Ghibli: Craftsmen of Dreams is presented in the form of a retrospective presenting all of the studio’s works and supplemented by analyzes around the extended universe of Ghibli productions.

This reissue is increased by about twenty additional pages to stay as close as possible to the news with a focus on the new film Aya and the witch and on the upcoming project”How do you live” (Kimitachi wa do ikiru ka) signed by Hayao Miyazaki himself.

Toshio Suzukithe studio’s co-founder, and Goro Miyazakidirector of several films (Tales from Earthsea, The Poppy Hill), are also entitled to their own dedicated pages in this expanded edition, not to mention a section devoted to Ghibli Park and another to links between studio Ghibli and video games. To your readings!

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Tribute to Studio Ghibli: the book returns in an expanded edition

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