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Dislyte: Mistakes you should no longer make!


news tip Dislyte: Mistakes you should no longer make!

Dislyte is currently enjoying a big spotlight with more and more players embarking on the adventure. But if you’ve never really played games of this type in your life, then you are likely to make mistakes. However, each error means more time having to farm resources that are sometimes very rare and it is therefore better to avoid them.

Don’t just swear by the stars

As in all Gatcha, Dislyte has a ranking system for its Espers and for this, stars are assigned to them, five being the maximum. However, a beginner player, he’s going to instinctively gravitate towards characters with high star ratings.

It makes sense and yet, very often, it is not necessarily the best thing to do. In effect, more basic characters on paper, but well used and especially with good equipment are better than 5 star characters without anything.

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Thus, 3-star level characters can do the job perfectly and can accompany you for a good while during your adventure. You will find below some of these characters that we recommend:

Dislyte: Mistakes you should no longer make!

Set a limit for your relics

It can be tempting to increase your relics to the max, but quite often you’ll waste an incredible amount of resources doing so and when you find good relics, you’ll find yourself a little bereft. What we advise you, so it’s to start with a +3 for a green relic.

Next, at each additional rarity rank, you will be able to increase by 3. Thus, you will arrive at +15 on the red relics and you guarantee yourself progress while not using all your resources in a non-optimal way.

Dislyte: Mistakes you should no longer make!

Be careful not to spend all your capacities

At the beginning of your game, you will tend to spend too much on one resource in particular, capacitances. Gold, there is no need to spend so much on many of your Espers which will not serve you for long anyway.

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So, each time you want to spend abilities, ask yourself the question of whether it is really necessary or if it’s not worth saving it for better characters. To help you, you can always take a look at our tier list.

This will allow you to quickly identify the best characters you can spend this capacium on without asking too many questions and those with which it is better not to spend too much on pain of regretting it later.

Dislyte: Mistakes you should no longer make!

Contents of the Complete Dislyte Guide

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