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LG 55 C1: the 4K OLED TV champion is at a crazy price


News good plan LG 55 C1: the 4K OLED TV champion is at a crazy price

The LG 55 C1 is THE benchmark in the 4K TV market. As it comes to the end of stocks, prices are starting to be extremely attractive given the qualities of the beast. HDMI 2.1 port, stunning OLED panel, super powerful AI… in short, it has it all. If you have the budget, go for it!

This is one of the last times the LG 55 C1 is at a bargain price

While the C2 should be released soon at full price, merchants must sell the last stocks of LG 55C1! To boost sales a little, we are entitled to very nice promotions.

As a reminder, this 4K OLED TV is quite widely considered by the public as well as by various independent testers as high-end TV at the best value for money on the market. This is the top of the top for both movie buffs and video game enthusiasts (VRR, HDMI 2.1, 120 Hz panel for playing in 4K HDR 120 FPS). If it’s a best seller, it’s not for nothing.

This reference model was released in 2021 around 1600$, then, at the time of the end-of-year celebrations, it was trading rather around 1200$ or 1300$. Today, Rue du Commerce offers a price worthy of the sales or even what we observed during the Black Friday period: only $1089. This is surely one of the last opportunities to enjoy such good TV at such an inexpensive price. After that, we will have to wait until next winter.

Buy the LG 55 C1 at 1089$ at Rue du Commerce

LG 55 C1: the 4K OLED TV champion is at a crazy price

For the LG 55C1 is one of the best 4K OLED TVs in the world?

LG is recognized worldwide as the brand that best masters OLED technology. Even better, LG Displays factories are currently the only ones in the world to produce large OLED panels. It is from them that Sony or Philips are supplied, for example. Note, however, that with QD OLED technology, Samsung should soon be back in the race!

In the meantime, this great mastery makes LG the brand widely considered to be the queen of its sector. For a bunch of reasons. Foremost, the AI ​​inside the TV is extremely good. The TV constantly analyzes the source to improve it (it’s called upscaling).

Better still, this AI makes it possible to make up for the major defect of OLED: the risk of “burning” the screen. Basically, if a vivid element remains for dozens of hours in a fixed place on an OLED screen, there is a non-zero chance that this screen will remain imprinted with a TV channel logo or a bar of very red life. On the C1, it’s almost impossible. The AI ​​anticipates danger by constantly alternating the pixels displayed on the screen. It’s invisible to the naked eye, and that makes all the difference.

LG also has a critically acclaimed “operating system”. Controlled by the MagicRemote, the “Wii controller” remote control, webOS is extremely fluid, ergonomic and pleasant to use. Applications like Twitch, YouTube, Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Molotov are perfectly optimized there.

The OLED panel 4K and 120Hz coupled with game mode allows you to take full advantage of next gen consoles. Whether you’re on PS5 or Xbox Series, you’ll be able to enjoy all your games to the fullest. The connection is more than complete (yes, the famous HDMI 2.1 and HDMI eARC ports are there). For movie lovers, you are even entitled to the “FilmMaker mode” which perfectly reflects the intentions of the directors.

In short, the C1 is an exceptional TV and it comes at an exceptional price.

Buy the LG 55 C1 at 1089$ at Rue du Commerce

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