Home LAST NEWS EUROPE Traveling in Europe: cost, instructions, destinations, all about InterRail tickets

Traveling in Europe: cost, instructions, destinations, all about InterRail tickets

Traveling in Europe: cost, instructions, destinations, all about InterRail tickets

In 2019, 600,000 travelers took advantage of InterRail to discover Europe. The pass now offers more than 40,000 destinations in 33 countries and adapts to the needs of backpackers of all ages.

Initially aimed at young people under the age of 21 when it was created half a century ago, InterRail is now aimed at all travellers. For fifty years, it has allowed its holders to criss-cross Europe by train.

Its price is broken down by age group of the buyer: young (from 12 to 27 years old), adult (from 28 to 59 years old), and senior (60 years old and over). Free for children aged 4 to 11, it is increasingly popular with families, but also students traveling alone or retirees.

Where can we travel?

When buying your card, two options are available to us: the One Country Pass, or the Global Pass. One allows unlimited travel in a single country among the 33 offered, while the other allows you to visit as many countries as you wish. There too, the passes are available in several formulas.

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33 countries within reach by train

Here is the list of companies participating in Interrail.

  • Germany: DB + Thalys + private companies
  • Austria: ÖBB + Westbahn + Micotra line + ROeEE/Raaberbahn
  • Belgium: SNCB/NMBS + Thalys + Eurostar
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: ZFBH + ZRS
  • Bulgaria: BDZ
  • Croatia: HZ
  • Denmark: DSB + Arriva + NT
  • Spain: Renfe + Feve
  • Estonia: Elron
  • Finland: VR
  • France (including Monaco): SNCF + Thalys + Eurostar
  • Great Britain: ATOC + Eurostar
  • Greece: TRAINOSE + Attica Group
  • Hungary: MAV-START + GySev/Raaberbahn
  • Ireland: IE + NIR
  • Italy: Trenitalia
  • Latvia: PV
  • Lithuania: LGT Link
  • Luxembourg: CFL
  • North Macedonia: ZRSM
  • Montenegro: ZPCG
  • Norway: VY + Goahead Nordic + Sj Norway
  • Netherlands: NS + Thalys
  • Poland: PKP + PR + KD + SKMT
  • Portugal: CD + Regiojet + LeoExpress
  • Czech Republic: CP
  • Romania: CFR
  • Serbia: SV
  • Slovakia: ZSSK + LeoExpress + Regiojet
  • Slovenia: SZ
  • Sweden: SJ
  • Switzerland: SBB/CFF:FFS + BLS
  • Turkey: TCDD

For the One Country Pass, customers have the option of traveling 3 to 8 days in a month. The Global Pass, meanwhile, offers its holders 4 to 7 days of travel over a month, 10 or 15 days over 2 months, or 15 to 22 days over 1, 2 and 3 months continuously. Once purchased, the ticket can be activated within 11 months.

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To get your card, just ask for it at the counter or buy it on the SNCF Connect app. The difficulty lies in planning the route. In order to facilitate the process, InterRail offers on its site popular pre-established routes, adapted to each desire. Tour of Italy, trip around the Mediterranean, discovery of Norway… The Rail Planner application is also available to travellers.

How much does it cost ?

The price varies according to the chosen pass and the age of the holder. Here are some examples of prices listed by Le Figaro. Here is the price of the Global Passes for an adult (28 to 59 years old) in second class.

  • 4 days in a month: €246
  • 5 days in a month: €282
  • 7 days a month: €335
  • 10 days over two months: €401
  • 15 days over two months: €493
  • 15 consecutive days: €443
  • 22 consecutive days: €518
  • 1 month: €670
  • 2 months: €731
  • 3 months: €902 Examples of One Country Pass prices valid in second class: Poland: €89 for 5 days in a month Italy: €177 for 5 days in a month Austria: €197 for 5 days in a month