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Ukraine: long-range missiles, rockets, radars… the colossal new military aid from the United States


The American president announced a new military aid of up to 700 million dollars for Ukraine in the context of its conflict with Russia. On the other hand, a condition was set by Washington, these advanced weapons must not be used to strike inside Russian territory.

US President Joe Biden has agreed to provide Ukraine with advanced missile systems to accurately strike long-range targets as part of a $700 million in new military aid brought by Washington to Kyiv in its conflict with Russia.

US to deliver highly mobile artillery systems to Ukraine can accurately hit targets 80 kilometers awaysaid senior officials of the US administration.

Do not use them against targets in Russia

The move comes after Kyiv pledged not to use the missiles against targets in Russia, they said. In a New York Times op-ed published on Tuesday, May 31, Joe Biden said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would be resolved diplomatically but that the United States should provide significant arms and ammunition to Kyiv to enable it to have significant leverage at the negotiating table with Moscow.

In an article published Tuesday evening in the@nytimes, Joe Biden defends the decision to provide more powerful missiles to the Ukrainians. “We are not looking for a war between NATO and Russia,” insists the president. https://t.co/W4GRQZLM8V

— Gaspard Kühn (@gkuehn) June 1, 2022

“That’s why I decided that we would provide Ukrainians more advanced rocket systems and ammunition that will allow them to more accurately hit major targets on the battlefield in Ukraine“, said the head of the White House.

Among the equipment included in the new military set are including air surveillance radars, anti-tank Javelin missiles additional and anti-armour weaponssaid representatives.

Joe Biden told reporters on Tuesday that Washington did not plan to “send rocket systems to Ukraine that can strike inside Russia.”

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