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Three Ukrainian families would join Bezouce


Before giving the floor to Monique Saez, deputy, and addressing the 10th deliberation during the council of March 30, Antoine Marcos, mayor, spoke in great silence:

“Thursday, February 24 at dawn the unthinkable happened…a state was invading another state, this hadn’t happened since World War II…Russian military forces attacked a free state, independent functioning with democratic institutions, Ukraine.”

“All Western and democratic European nations condemn this invasion. Throughout France, many communities are demonstrating their solidarity with the Ukrainian people… We will fully demonstrate ours and respond to the humanitarian needs that are emerging in the face of the flow of refugees, but also inside Ukraine and help the victims of the fighting”

On Ms. Saez’s proposal, the council then voted exceptional aid of €1,500 for Ukraine via the Local Authorities External Action Fund managed by the European services.

Several homes have volunteered to accommodate families coming from Ukraine in agreement with the prefectural services.

The aid and accommodation conditions are being finalized.

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