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Solidarity with Ukraine: with “L’esprit Vallot”, Lodévois high school students decree general mobilization


The young members of the association La Mamie des lycéens and the Conseil de vie lycéenne set up and managed a collection for Ukraine.

This Friday, March 18, agents from Joseph-Vallot came with their utility vehicle to collect 25 packaged, stored and labeled boxes from the school cafeteria to bring them to Avenue Henry-de-Fumel, to the premises of the technical services of the city of Lodeve.

Good responsiveness

“They must leave this Wednesday, March 23 for Saint-Jean-de-Védas to join the next humanitarian convoy which will leave Montpellier for Poland, on the border with Ukraine”, explains Killian Ournac-De Masi. With the association La Mamie des lycéens that he presides and the Conseil de vie lycéenne, he has chosen with his comrades to get involved in helping Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war. And they all did well.

“We are very happy with the organization and the mobilization that there was in the establishment in not even two weeks. Everyone was super responsive.”

The operation dubbed “L’esprit Vallot – Solidarité Ukraine” was indeed carried out smoothly. “We first met the class delegates to explain the process to them, made posters and communicated with everyone, the students but also the teachers and the agents.” Before receiving donations in their cafet’Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

“As for the Sakado operation, we made three-part kits in boxes collected everywhere, in the school but also from the hospital right next door”continues Killian. “There are “Food”, “Hygiene/health” and “Other” boxes in which you can find, for example, tents, sleeping bags or toys.

An operation that the students are already ready to repeat.

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