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Halo Infinite: Many multi modes discovered in the game files


Game news Halo Infinite: Many multi modes discovered in the game files

Released almost a month before the full game’s official launch, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode has been very well received overall. Dynamic, accessible and generally well built despite a progression system still under study, it has attracted many players. They are now waiting for new modes to vary the pleasures.

343 Industries studio is keenly aware that Halo Infinite multi players will need access to a variety of game modes to stay on. Games, both in arenas and in large team fights, are relatively quick compared to other titles, and progressing through the battlepass requires many games to be played.

Many variations on the way?

Halo Infinite: Many multi modes discovered in the game files

If all goes well, the developers will upload fiesta (present) during the first temporary event), Tactical Slayer (SWAT) and Free For All modes by the end of the calendar year. Community Director John Junyszek recently explained that the idea was to test event modes in order to adjust them if necessary and then add them to playlists. He also mentioned the existence of a Social Slayer playlist, whose name hides variations of existing game modes.

Halo Infinite: Many multi modes discovered in the game files

It is the latter that interest us today, since Reddit’s Halo community went digging into the game’s files, and that she made a discovery there to relate to the speech of John Junyszek. Indeed, the community would have discovered 16 mode variants, which range from the ranked game to the fiesta mode, through the arena or the Tactical Slayer mode. Some names still leave room for doubt, but others are much clearer. As indicated by our colleagues from Xbox Squad, the Tactical – Slayer Sidekicks mode undoubtedly evokes SWAT mode, in which the Sidekick pistol would be the star. Here is also the list of variations discovered, but keep in mind that they have not yet been confirmed by 343 Industries:

During the first days of the multi’s life, which will be out in beta on December 8, players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the progression system, which does not provide enough experience. 343 Industries has already reacted, modifying the number of points awarded at the end of the games. Some challenges were also singled out, sometimes deemed too long to complete or poorly suited to the achievement of the objectives of the parties. However, the studio announced that all this will continue to evolve, in particular through the addition of modes, weapons and challenges. He also invites players to give their impressions, which allow developers to direct their work more effectively.

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