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Good plan news The PS5 is finally available! Here is where to buy it


Good plan news The PS5 is finally available! Here is where to buy it

The PS5 is finally here! Yes, the shortage is still hitting. Yes, stocks are very limited and are likely to be empty in just 5 minutes. But anyway, it’s possible to buy a PS5 right now!

The PS5 is back in stock at its true price!

Nothing to do, the PS5 came out more than a year ago but there are still tens of thousands of people in France who can not buy it, even though the money is not a problem.

The cause ? A global shortage of electronic components, which has not been helped by the health crisis. But we must not give up! Returns in stock arrive quite regularly, and it is the case today! Don’t waste another minute, it could cost you the console.

Update 12/07/2021 at 11:47 end of restocking.

Buy the PS5 Standard for 499 $ at PlayStation

Our tips to make sure you get a PS5 as quickly as possible

First and foremost, we strongly encourage you to avoid scalpers as much as possible. We especially don’t want to encourage this kind of unscrupulous and distress-dependent practices of the fans, especially when the Christmas holidays are approaching.

If you don’t know what scalpers are, these are simply people scouring the shops looking for PS5s in order to resell them for above their normal price.

If (and only if) you can afford it and can’t wait and stay on your toes, you can go through Rakuten. There are quite a few third-party sellers out there, scalpers or not, who often offer PS5s above the suggested retail price and more normal. In general, we find the console between 600 $ and 800 $.

Either way, rather than giving your money away to scalpers, we strongly recommend that you wait for a return to stock at regular online merchants. As long as you don’t buy from a third-party reseller (like Amazon Marketplace for example), you won’t have any bad surprises and the console will be at its normal price.

The idea is to keep all of the tabs below open and monitor them closely.

To maximize your chances, you have to go further: open customer accounts with each of these big ecommerce sites and remember to enter your payment method. Whatever happens, you will need an account to checkout. Restockings only last a few minutes, every second counts. The time wasted creating an account and then paying is often decisive. Better, some merchants can even send you an alert in the event of a restocking!

It is also sometimes possible to have a PS5 by going to a physical store such as Micromania or Fnac. Some sell their PlayStation 5s as soon as they receive them and others do pre-orders: they then add you to a waiting list (often on payment of a deposit) and call you when they receive a PS5. This method also requires a lot of patience and finding a store that may have PlayStation 5s.

Finally, do not hesitate to follow our site. This news will be updated throughout the month. Our job is also to closely monitor each restocking, so you will be informed almost immediately. Courage, with determination and a little luck, it will eventually pass!

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