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Good deal news The 2021 Apple Watch SE at the best price for Christmas


Good plan news The 2021 Apple Watch SE at the best price for Christmas

The Christmas season is fast approaching and it is high time to prepare your presents. If you have the budget to treat a loved one on IOS (with a wholesale iPhone), the Apple Watch is a very nice option. And the best model in terms of value for money is, for us, the Apple Watch SE. Especially when the connected watch benefits from a small reduction on Amazon!

Did you know that Apple has become the biggest seller of watches in the world, far ahead of all the more popular traditional brands like Swatch. Why such a success ? We will explain this briefly below.

In the meantime, remember that the Apple Watch is a high-end connected watch, even the SE model. She is well finished and efficient on all the plans.

Usually sold around $ 300, this pretty 2021 model with GPS and 40mm space gray aluminum case goes to $ 279 on Amazon. We’re not on a smashed price, but it’s the best we’ve found. And then, between us, it is extremely rare to see big promotions on Apple products, especially if they are recent.

Buy the Apple Watch SE at $ 279 on Amazon

Why buy an Apple Watch SE on Amazon?

As strange as it may seem, a connected watch is primarily used to … disconnect you. Don’t panic, let’s explain.

Today, almost all of us are addicted to our smartphones. The slightest notification of a message, a tweet, a like on Instagram or anything becomes a pretext to scroll for hours. The Apple Watch allows you to consult your notification (or the time of course) … possibly to respond quickly (there is even a speaker and a microphone) … and that’s it.

The Apple Watch format is much more practical for managing your music, messages, tracking your way with a GPS, making a phone call, paying contactless, etc. on the other hand, it is much less practical for the infinite scroll.

Scrolling on a very small screen, it is possible, but it is painful, it is not made for. Just as the smartphone transfers the vast majority of your computer’s functions to your pocket, the Watch transfers the vast majority of your smartphone’s functions to your wrist.

With an Apple Watch, you no longer have to take your phone out every X minutes. Pulling out your phone is painful, sometimes a little scary in public, and risky, because the temptation to get caught up in the social media loop is powerful.

Apple also puts a lot of emphasis on the health and sports functions of its devices. We obviously know the optical heart rate sensor and all the features it allows. It is true that the Apple Watch allows precise tracking of your form. But hey, we’re not going to lie to each other, that’s not why this watch is so popular.

Buy the Apple Watch SE at $ 279 on Amazon

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