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Good news PS5 plan: it will be back in stock this week, and we’ll tell you where


Good plan news PS5: it will be back in stock this week, and we’ll tell you where

The PlayStation 5, although having had successive restockings lately, has not yet been able to meet demand. However, our constant watch on the subject has enabled us to target the next potential replenishments.

The shortage of components is still raging! Indeed, because of the latter, many products, including the PlayStation 5 are sorely missed. And we can say that it comes at the worst time considering that the console has not experienced a single normal sales period since its launch in late 2020.

But, restockings are planned for this week in various stores. Now is THE time to get your hands on your PlayStation console.

PS5 stocks: a return to normal for the Sony console?

Unfortunately, for the Sony console, it’s a waste of time, the most positive estimates speak of normal production only from current 2023. It will therefore be necessary to take your trouble patiently and hope that the replenishments are quite important and frequent in order to satisfy everyone.

Where can I find a PlayStation? At PlayStation of course!

The official PlayStation store has also started selling PS5s. Normal you will tell me, but it is not that obvious. Indeed, the PS5 was available at the PlayStation online store, but in the form of private sales, and sometimes public.

This week, it looks like she’s back! This is why we warmly encourage you to register on the site and send alert emails in order to follow up on the next restockings!

Amazon and the PS5: a blow yes, a blow, no

Amazon is one of the top stores to regularly restock the PS5. It must be said that the size of the sign gives it considerable weight in negotiations. In addition, thanks to the very tight fabric of trade in the European Union, it is possible to have PS5 consoles delivered from Germany, Spain or Italy. Likewise, it is also possible to order your console from Great Britain (anticipate customs fees all the same).

This week, we can expect restocking all over Europe, so we advise you to prepare accounts in the countries mentioned above in order to anticipate the arrival of the console. And keep in mind that the PS5 may only be available to premium membership holders.

Amazon Prime Free for the first 30 days by clicking here.

If you are already an Amazon Prime member, you just need to click on “Add to your list” so that you can get the precious sesame. Attention, to know if the console is available, it is only the absence of the mention “Currently unavailable” which will tell you if you can buy the console or not.

PS5 in your Fnac? It’s possible ?

Sometimes, it’s when you have the obvious under your nose that you see it the least. And it is an adage that we can stick to the situation with Fnac. This brand seems to favor the use of its store network rather than online restocking.

So it can be very easy to get your hands on your console. To do this, go to your usual Fnac and ask the sales assistants in the video game section to find out if they have any consoles in stock (don’t dream, they will never be on the shelves).

PS5s at the casino?

The Casino group has distinguished itself more than once for its unannounced restocking. On this time, chances are we will see it coming. Indeed, strong rumors evoke the appearance of PS5 at home for this week. Be attentive and responsive, because the queues fill up particularly quickly! In advance, prepare an account with a means of payment already recorded in order to anticipate the sale.

And the others ?

Between rumors and reality, there is a gap that can sometimes happen faster than you think, and surprise replenishments cannot be ruled out. For this, we can only advise you to anticipate (if you have noticed, this is the watchword of this week), and to prepare accounts and means of payment on the sites of the list that you find below:

PS5: 4K according to Sony

The PlayStation, fifth of the name, is Sony’s console that opens the doors to 4K in 120 frames per second. Ray-Tracing and all the necessary technologies are there to offer you a unique and immersive gaming experience.

In addition to that, turning (or continuing) with the Sony console also means enjoying particularly promising exclusives such as Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Horizon: Forbidden West, Ghost of Tsushima and many others!

In addition to that, the console is accompanied by a whole new generation of controllers, the DualSense. These follow the eternal DualShocks that accompany the PlayStation from the PS1.

Triggers with haptic feedback, ultra-fine vibrations and a feeling of immersion will be present with these DualSense Controllers which bring a real plus to your gaming experience.

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