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12 Minutes, a rogue-lite Devolver, big mechas … Indies of the week


Game news 12 Minutes, a rogue-lite Devolver, big mechas … Indies of the week

As every week, we offer a selection of independent productions destined to be released over the next seven days. In particular, you will find 12 Minutes, a witch role-playing game or even the RPG of turn-based mecha fights.

12 minutes

12 Minutes, the point’n click game signed Annapurna Interactive (Outer Wilds, What Remains of Edith Finch) is available on new media. This curiosity of the year 2021 consists of an interactive thriller with its five-star cast: James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe lend their voices to the protagonists. We are told of the ordeal of a man trapped in a twelve-minute time loop; It all begins with a romantic dinner with his wife who suddenly turns into a nightmare when a police inspector bursts in, accuses her of murder and beats up our protagonist. Your role is to find an escape route in this hell. A game that offers a catchy concept and a gripping plot despite a rather lame technique and a loop that can become frustrating. After a PC and Xbox machine release, it is available on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.


Concocted by the Alientrap studio, Wytchwood sets its frame in a real fairy tale universe. There you will naturally meet eccentric and colorful characters who will certainly remind you of some classics, from faux-Red Riding Hood to Chat (te) Boté (e). As for you, you play as a witch in charge of collecting some precious resources between poisonous mushrooms, newt eyes and bottled fear in order to create potions. These will be used to “to turn the greedy toads and to trap the wicked with deceitful curses”. At the same time, you will also have to solve a variety of puzzles and defeat the monsters hidden in the forest. Overall, this experience based on resource management is intended to be as relaxing as possible.


A turn-based mech-fighting RPG, Wolfstride features a slick black-and-white aesthetic inspired by anime. Dominique Shade, an ex-Yakuza, sets off with ambition towards the Ultimate Mech Tournament with his compatriots. This huge event brings together the pilots of Mechas from Rain City. To dominate the clashes, it will be necessary to manage the repairs and improvements of his mecha. Think globally to change its modules to make it stronger for the next fight. Besides that, it will also be necessary to explore the city to meet its inhabitants there and to do a whole bunch of odd jobs in order to earn money. The members of your fine team are equipped with complementary skills, between Duque the mechanic, Knife Leopard the pilot or Dominic Shade the handyman.

Heavenly Bodies

Offered by 2pt Interactive, Heavenly Bodies is a space adventure that invites you to play as an astronaut tasked with maintaining the latest engineering achievement on planet Earth. This Heave Ho-style experiment is based on a physical simulation without gravity. So, to do anything like connecting systems and forcing doors, your first challenge will be to move your arms and legs. Overall, the game combines puzzles, dexterity and platform. Note that the title can be tried out in local co-op with a friend. On PlayStation, the game exploits the features of DualSense on the adaptive trigger side. You will be able to feel the weight and density of each of the objects wielded.

Loop Hero

Already released on PC, Loop Hero a rogue-lite pixel-art game based on the use of cards. These will offer play areas, buildings, enemies, traps and obstacles, enough to shape your own path. The player is trapped in a time loop caused by the Lich. To rebuild a shattered universe, a knight must collect a slew of resources to build his camp and expand it over runs. Finally, note that the hero has the possibility of choosing a class among those he will have unlocked: for example, the thief can inflict critical hits while the necromancer fights by skeleton interposed. The game was rated 15/20 in our columns; we appreciated its concept that hits the mark, its retro sound design with the most beautiful effect, the improvements to be unlocked or its classic but effective archetypes.

White shadows

A platform game strewn with puzzles, White Shadows sets its frame in a black and white world. You play as a crow watched by wolves and your mission is to cross a huge city in the midst of dystopia. Her only objective is to flee this brutal world where she survived the lowest social class. The adventurer will have to avoid deadly traps and especially be careful not to be spotted by the guards ready to shoot her at the slightest misstep. This dark fable developed by Monokel and published by Thunderful Publishing promises intuitive controls and relatively easy gameplay to master.

Cleo – a pirate’s

An 80s-themed adventure game, Cleo – a pirate’s tale tells the story of a cynical 14-year-old teenager, exhausted by the life she leads with her father in a bar. Passionate about pirate legends, she is more than tired of spending her days alongside boring fishermen. When she comes across a pirate notebook, her daily life will finally be turned upside down when she has to embark on a dangerous adventure made of lies and violence. With its pixel-art and retro vibe, the adventure is inspired by old Zelda games and classic LucasArts adventure games. The title even includes a mini-game of cards and dice that is popular with fishermen and pirates.