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Stalker 2: Important information for the Xbox exclusive!


Game news Stalker 2: Important information for the Xbox exclusive!

Announced in 2010 then canceled in 2011, STALKER 2 made its big comeback in 2018 with a simple image. Reformed, GSC has taken the project back in hand and has been developing the title ever since, the release of which is expected in early 2022, exclusively on the Xbox ecosystem.

Included in the list of the first rotating games under Unreal Engine 5, STALKER 2: The Heart of Chernobyl will once again plunge us into a post-apocalyptic world. Following the 1986 incident, the Chernobyl exclusion zone was abandoned, but some reactors continued to operate, leading to a second explosion 20 years later. First person shooter and in open world, STALKER 2 will invite players to explore this area full of mutants and strange anomalies, to find mysterious artefacts and follow a non-linear story.

An exclusivity that promises to be massive

GSC also promises a living world, with NPCs that interact with each other and which make it possible to continually create new situations, thereby reinforcing the immersion and creating stories specific to each player. But to take advantage of it, it will obviously be necessary to have space, a lot of space. Microsoft has indeed updated the game’s listing on its Store, and it is wide-eyed that we discovered the estimated size of the title.

Indeed, the displayed size is 180 GB on Xbox Series and 150 GB on PC. Game size can obviously be updated from here until April 28, 2022, but as it is, it would take almost half of the space available on the SSD of a Series S (512 GB, of which 364 are available). The studio has not yet commented on this subject, but we can imagine that the textures, which should pass a course thanks to the engine (which also manages a lot of other things) are partly responsible for this weight. In comparison, Red Dead Redemption II weighs in 150 GB, and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War once weighed in at 250 GB at one point before being downsized to around 125 GB.

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