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DIRECT. War in Ukraine: “Don’t even think about advancing an inch into NATO territory”, warns Joe Biden


Follow the evolution of the conflict in Ukraine throughout the day this Sunday, March 27. The offensive continues and the American president reaffirmed the unfailing support of the United States for NATO countries.

7:30 am: Explosions in Lviv, at least 5 injured

Several explosions sounded in Lviv this Saturday at 4:12 p.m., reports BFM-TV. The city is located near the border with Poland. Several missiles would have targeted the town, even though President Bien was in Poland to ensure his support for NATO countries. Is this a response from Russia to his remarks? Impossible to say.

This Sunday morning the provisional balance sheet is at least 5 wounded in the attacks of the day before.

7:20 am: Joe Biden warns Vladimir Putin’s Russia

In a well-honed speech this Saturday, US President Bien spoke from Poland on the situation in Ukraine. “For the love of God, this man must not stay in power,” he said of Vladimir Putin. He also recalled the duty of the United States to NATO countries. “Don’t even think about advancing an inch into NATO territory,” he warned Russia.

And to speak directly to the Russian people: “Let me say this if you are able to hear me – you, the Russian people, are not our enemy (…) I refuse to believe that you welcome the murder of innocent children and grandparents or that you accept that hospitals, schools, maternities be pounded by Russian missiles and bombs.”

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