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Brooklyn Studio Creates Whale Installation Made From Ocean Plastic
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Brooklyn Studio Creates Whale Installation Made From Ocean Plastic


One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. This old age expression cannot be truer for the team at StudioKCA. The Brooklyn-based architecture and design firm created a massive installation using just garbage from the oceans.

Photo by StudioKCA


Photo by StudioKCA


The art installation is part of an exhibition the created for the Bruges Triennial 2018. The Triennial held in Belgium, brings artist from around the world to challenge our ways of thinking. This year the international exhibit prompted artists to examine how our forms of life are under pressure with it’s “Liquid City” theme.

The piece by StudioKCA is entitled, Skyscraper (the Bruges Whale). As the name suggests, the installation features a giant whale sculpture made out of floating ocean garbage. The massive whale installation was made using 10,000 pounds of plastic waste found from the Pacific Ocean.

Photo by StudioKCA


The studio collaborated with the Hawaii Wildlife Fund to gather the plastic used in the installation. The plastic waste used for the installation was combed from the beaches of Hawaii. The installation can be seen as a commentary on the vast amounts of waste produced by humans and its impact on the overall environment.


Photo by StudioKCA


“Pound for pound, there is more plastic waste from our cities swimming in the ocean than there are whales,” StudioKCA expressed in a statement to “A whale, breaching from the water, is the first ‘skyscraper of the sea,’ and as the largest mammal in the water, it felt like the right form for our piece to take in order to show the scope and scale of the problem.”

Installation is on view at the Bruges canal in Belgium until September 16.

This is a great example of sustainable innovation and clever thinking in the art world. Check out our post on how circular design can save the world here.


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