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Violinist Anna Bondarenko, hosted in Béziers, will be on the theater stage to support Ukraine


Ukrainian refugee and welcomed in Béziers, the violinist plays for her country on Thursday April 21 at 8:30 p.m. at the municipal theater of Béziers.

In this small and bright room of the conservatory of Béziers, at the end of the day, the thin Anna Bondarenko does not need to be asked to grab her new violin and play the piece of a Ukrainian composer. Accompanied by Carole Dubois on the piano, she quickly leads her listeners on the path of emotion…

Anna Bondarenko arrived in Béziers in the early days of the war in Ukraine. She was welcomed with her husband and children, by the City of Béziers, to the Franciscans. Anna is a violinist. In the din of the departure, she had not been able to take her instrument… But in the city of Riquet, solidarity quickly played out.

“Everyone helped me”

Through an appeal launched in Free lunch, Biterroise Agnès Apap, who attended the conservatory for a long time, offers her violin to Anna. Great news for the Ukrainian. “When I left my violin it broke my heart, it was like my third child, it’s important to me”she says with a smile.

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Especially since she could now think of organizing a concert of solidarity for the benefit of her country and the Ukrainian refugees, a project that is close to her heart: “Everyone helped me”, underlines the young woman. And in particular the conservatory of Béziers, where about fifteen teachers and artists have volunteered to participate in this event scheduled for a short time, Thursday, April 21. “She proposed a repertoire and we called on the vital forces of the conservatory”says Christophe Burte, the director of the theaters of Béziers. “We started rehearsing last week”specifies Frédéric Guery, the director of the conservatory.

His son, Marc, 9, will be at the piano

“It will be my first concert since the war. There will be others afterwards, notably at the Cannes festival”continues Anna before detailing a piece of the musical program: “I’m going to play Ukrainian music, by a contemporary composer who died 2 years ago. It’s a piece played to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. It’s the song of freedom, it is very beautiful.”

Alongside Anna, her son, Marc, 9, will be at the piano on stage. “In kyiv he was in a special school for musicians.” In Béziers, he slowly reconnects with music…

To discover them, meet on Thursday, April 21. Please note that concert prices “are voluntarily raised (25€, 50€, 100€) for those who want to support the country”explains Christophe Burte.

Thursday, April 21, 8:30 p.m., at the Theater

The concert is planned Thursday, April 21, at 8:30 p.m., at the municipal theater of Béziers. The ticketing is open. Prices: €25, €50, €100.

The program: study n°4 by Franz Liszt, Gandolier’s Song by Félix Mendelssohn with Marc Bondarenko at the piano; Source by Alphonse Hasselmans with Martine Flaissier on the harp; oblivion by Astor Piazzola with Anna Bondarenko on violin and Martine Flaissier on harp; Gustavia by Omar Arfush with Anna Bondarenko on violin and Omar Arfush on piano; Divertimento Allegro in A major by E. Barbella, Ah, Cavaquinho by Erotides de Campos with Fabio Galucci and Thomas Plancade on mandolin and Marion Picot on cello; Melody by Miroslav Skorik with Anna Bondarenko on violin and Carole Dubois on piano; The little Prince de Saint-Exupéry, text reading, by Céline Garcia; Bach Concerto for two violins in D minor with Cécile Desier, Anna Bohigas, Anna Bondarenko, Vincent Longelin, Marion Picot on cello, Bastien Terras on harpsichord and Lucas Holguin on double bass on violins. In closing, the musicians will perform the national anthem of Ukraine.

Practical information

Date :
April 21 to April 21

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