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Video game gift ideas: our Christmas selection for PS5 and PS4!


Game news Video game gift ideas: our Christmas selection for PS5 and PS4!

Christmas celebrations are fast approaching. And obviously, it is high time to prepare all the gifts to place under the tree. For this reason, here is a selection of PS4 and PS5 game ideas to give to your loved ones.

Adventure for two on PS5: It Takes Two

Only playable for two, It Takes Two offers a general public adventure that looks like a good Pixar. Josef Fares, founder of Hazelight (A Way Out), takes us in the shoes of Cody and May, a couple on the verge of divorce who announces the news of their separation to their daughter Rose. When she sheds a tear on a couple therapy book signed Doctor Hakim, the two heroes unfortunately find themselves transformed into dolls. In front of them, Doctor Hakim materializes and explains to them that they will have to collaborate to find their human size. Between humor and ultra-rhythmic sequences, the adventure should occupy you a dozen hours. Rated 18/20 on HelloSolar.info, the title enjoys a wildly creative universe and puzzles as varied as they are clever. Note that the Friend Pass allows those who have a copy of the game to invite a friend to play it; basically, one copy is worth two.

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The dreamlike adventure on PS5: Kena Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an independent production served by Ember Lab studio, an animation regular. We follow Kena, a young adventurer armed with a simple stick who is responsible for guiding the spirits of her forest. His mission is to save a village haunted by ghosts by helping them reach the other world. On the program of this action-adventure game, count on phases of exploration, puzzles and fights of all kinds. To accompany her on her journey, our heroine can count on the help of the Rot, adorable little creatures who will obey Kena’s orders to move objects or create passages and shortcuts; little bonus: you can even personalize them with cute hats. The title is considered in our columns as a feast of artistic direction that we had rated 18/20. Count on a neat and intoxicating soundtrack, a fascinating universe as well as a touching and effective narration.

* Platforms: Pc PS4 PS5

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The perfect shooter on PS5: Deathloop

With its 70s atmosphere and polished artistic direction, Deathloop is Arkane’s latest production, more action-oriented than a Dishonored. The title is based on a concept in tune with the times: the time loop, here caused by a sophisticated installation protected by an army of warriors. On Blackreef Island, Colt and Julianna clash relentlessly. The former aims to break the never-ending cycle, while the latter seems to flourish there fully. To survive and put an end to this nightmare, Colt must play it low-key, hack a bunch of items and learn from the multiple deaths he faces. Rated 16/20 in our columns, we recognized the game’s first-rate level design, a great range of powers and improvements to develop a clean style, as well as a truly exhilarating rise to power.

* Platforms: Pc PS5

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Lombax for Christmas: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

The most famous lombax made a comeback this year in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, an adventure developed by Insomniac Games. In this episode, the demonic Nefarious seized the Dimensionator, a weapon capable of opening dimensional rifts. And inevitably, he intends to use it to wreak havoc on the entire planet. Wanting to stop him, Ratchet & Clank find themselves separated in two parallel worlds. Alone and distraught, Clank will by chance cross the path of Rivet, who is none other than Ratchet’s double dimensional. The trio will do everything to try to restore the balance. Rated 18/20 on HelloSolar.info, the game turns out to be the expected technical slap and a marvel of animation. Also expect fully satisfying fights, especially thanks to DualSense.

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For RPG fans: Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

RPG and investigative game with isometric gameplay, Disco Elysium: The Final Cut was a resounding success when it was released in 2019. The game from independent studio ZA / UM features a detective very focused on the bottle and drugs who completely lost his memory. After some discussions about the steps of your hotel room, you quickly realize that your character is responsible for investigating the presence of a corpse that has been rotting for seven days in the backyard. Rated 19/20, the game inherits a breathtaking quality of writing and a science of storytelling and staging by the text that commands respect. The final cut runs the game at 4K 60fps. It also brings new missions, new characters, outfits, choices, cutscenes and other smaller additions.

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The ideal J-RPG for the PS5: Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

This year, Final Fantasy VII Remake has returned in a new edition in order to take full advantage of the capabilities of the PlayStation 5. An ideal opportunity to enjoy gaming with reduced loading times, 4K resolution and of course high frequency. 60 FPS. Also count on much finer textures. The next-gen version also includes a DLC called EPISODE INTERmission which introduces Yuffie, a young ninja. Let’s quickly recall the basics of the episode: Cloud, a former soldier who joined the ranks of the terrorist group Avalanche, tries to thwart the plans of the Shinra. Rated 18/20, we retain from the game a most touching scenario, an addictive gameplay that rewards reflection or even a breathtaking staging. Also, the musics and the general soundtrack are absolutely fascinating.

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A family platformer for Christmas: Crash Bandicoot 4

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is a shimmering platform that could appeal to the whole family. In this episode, Cortex’s minus is hatching an evil new plan to take over the worlds. For his part, the marsupial embarks on a new adventure through time and space in order to help Lani-Loli, a voodoo mask. If you like speedrun, know that the game includes a time trial mode; here the player only has one life to progress and must try to beat the best possible time. Rated 16/20, Crash Bandicoot 4 is at the same time very pretty, rhythmic and varied in its universes. We find the sensations of yesteryear with a few new features during a challenge that is nonetheless demanding.

* Platforms: Pc PS4 PS5 ONE Xbox series Switch

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