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Ukrainians in Sète: it is essential that new arrivals report themselves, warns an elected official


The arrivals of Ukrainians in the Hérault are increasing, but the Prefecture does not direct the refugees to specific hosts in Sète. The services of the municipality insist on the necessary regularization of their administrative situations.

Ukrainians who arrive in Hérault without a specific solution, often by chance, are divided between three accommodation centers located in Montpellier, Béziers and Agde. There have already been 600 arrivals in the department, according to the Hérault Prefecture.

This one, by the relay of the town hall of Sète, lists the Sète families ready to welcome Ukrainians. But the State services do not, for the moment, direct the refugees there. Those who arrived in Sète found homes by their own means, thanks to personal acquaintances and support networks.

The situation is changing

Nevertheless, “Things are changing day by day, even hour by hour, especially as flows intensify” insists Jocelyne Gizardin, elected municipal delegate for social action. “It is not excluded that the Prefecture ends up directing us directly from the families“.

Upon arrival, Ukrainians are referred to the Communal Center for Social Action. “They meet there the social workers of the town hall, qualified and able to apprehend critical situations“, explains Jocelyne Gizardin.

We are currently collaborating with all the institutional and associative actors of the territory, to offer these people what they will need: language courses, basic necessities, and medico-social follow-up. From the first days, children can be enrolled in school.

Report, for safety

At the Prefecture, they request and obtain, normally within a few days, temporary protection. This status gives them the right to state medical aid, and authorizes them to work in France.

It is essential that the public services register these arrivals and ensure a follow-up. The safety and well-being of these people is at stake.“, pleads the chosen one.

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