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Ukraine: “Kidnapping the Minister of Defense of a NATO country”, the lunar threats of a Russian MP


This Monday, May 30, Oleg Morozov, deputy of Vladimir Putin’s party, has a crazy hypothesis during an interview: to kidnap a Minister of Defense from a NATO member country who would go to kyiv.

How far will Russian propaganda go? In any case, MP Oleg Morozov seems to have relatively few limits. Guest of the television program entitled “60 minutes” and broadcast on the state channel Rossiya-1, the latter made a proposal that was surprising to say the least.

“A Fantastic Plot”

“You know, maybe it’s a fantastic plot that I’m planning… that in the near future, at some point, a minister of war from a NATO country will go by train to kyiv to talk with Volodymyr Zelenskiy. But he wouldn’t make it…. And he would wake up somewhere in Moscow”, he began according to words translated and relayed by our colleagues from Nice-Matin.

Oleg Morozov is then revived by a pro-Kremlin journalist: “You mean that we would remove it?” Without hesitation, the deputy continues: “Yes. And then we would sort out who gave what order, why and who is responsible for what exactly”.

Several ministers already came to kyiv

“It’s not such a mythical image,” he said, according to the Reuters news agency. “There are new rules in the world now. Let all those ministers of war gathered in kyiv think a little about what it would be like to wake up in Moscow…”

As CNEWS indicates, many politicians have already traveled to kyiv to show their support for Ukraine. This is particularly the case of the new French Foreign Minister, Catherine Colonna.

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