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The return of a “realistic” challenger to Star Wars and the other sci-fi sagas!


Culture news The return of a “realistic” challenger to Star Wars and the other sci-fi sagas!

The sixth season of The Expanse has just integrated Prime Video, the service includes with the Amazon Prime subscription. For its final season, The Expanse invites us to a planet where seemingly harmless creatures could pose a new threat to humanity.

Here we are, ready to do battle with the final season of the sci-fi series The Expanse, currently airing on Amazon Prime Video. This series immerses us in the 23rd century, in the heart of a futuristic period during which men colonized the solar system. The United Nations controls the Earth, Mars has become an independent military power, and the other planets depend on the resources of the asteroid belt. The living and working conditions there are harsh and the tensions between Earth, Mars and the Belt are such that it would take little to start a war.

A dark end of season 5

Originally, we follow the journey of a detective in charge of a disappearance case and the captain of a spaceship on a race through the solar system, in order to uncover the greatest plot in the history of the Humanity. This season 6 begins in particular on planet 2 via ring # 673 and follows the events of the end of season 5, the very ones which caused many human losses, but also consequent damage, in particular on the environment. .

A shorter conclusion than in previous seasons

With a new episode every Friday since December 10, we will be able to follow six episodes only before discovering how the adventure The Expanse ends. The series produced by Alcon Entertainment has been nominated and awarded several times. She has also been particularly well received by critics, especially for her visual quality, for her political narrative and for the quality of her character development. Initially, The Expanse was a series of novels written by James SA Corey which contained nine volumes, the last of which was freshly published in the United States. The first eight volumes are available in French.