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Super Mario Kart: almost 30 years after the game’s release, a player achieves a feat that is supposed to be impossible


Game news Super Mario Kart: almost 30 years after the game’s release, a player achieves a feat that is supposed to be impossible

Released in Europe in 1993, Super Mario Kart began to see its competitive scene in 1997 with the first time records. A competition that continues today, with a great feat achieved this weekend.

The header video is the video from the Super Mario Kart trailer.

A record broken twice in two weeks

For 29 years and the release of Super Mario Kart on Super Nintendo, the race Rainbow Road is systematically considered to be the hardest track, whatever its variations. A judgment that can be found both among casual players and among the most seasoned players of the license.

And if each episode of Mario Kart has its own community of more than fierce players, it is here in Super Mario Kart that we will be interested. Although it was released in 1993 in Europe, the game continues to mobilize players to break world records: this is what has happened in recent weeks, with the feat achieved by Guillaume “Antistar“Leviach. The Frenchman twice broke the world record in the “Time Trial” mode of the Rainbow Road.

More than just a world record

And while the performance of setting two world records within a week of each other is impressive enough, you have to look at the competitive Super Mario Kart scene to realize that William’s feat “Antistar“Leviach does not stop there. If Super Mario Kart was released in 1993 in Europe and already sees the fierce competition between players in the mode Against the watch, it is from 1998 that the scene takes a turn: from that year, the site MarioKartPlayers open their doors. It lists each race in the game as well as their different possible times, all classified in categories according to their degree of difficulty: from SMK Fan for the easier to Myth + for the more difficult.

And if Guillaume “Antistar“Leviach had already broken the Rainbow Road world record a week ago, his time of 1’26” 50 was not enough to belong to the time of the Myth + (1’26 “40). C It was this weekend that he managed to hit the grail with a time of 1’26.36: a feat long considered impossible by the Super Mario Kart community. He is therefore the first player to achieve a Myth + time on the Arc-en-Ciel Route. This success is also synonymous with a very nice 80/80: Antistar is the first player to do all time in Myth +. Why 80 when there are only 20 races? First of all because the American version (NTSC) differs from the European version (PAL): the chrono ‘was reprogrammed during the development of the latter. Finally, two different times can be homologated: that of the entire race, but also that of a single lap. With this last time realized on Rainbow Road, Guillaume “Antistar“Leviach is therefore the first individual to achieve all time in Myth +.

Still, this new record proves once again the enthusiasm of Mario Kart players to surpass themselves to appropriate the records. Last August, it was Dan Burbank who did the feat to appropriate all the world records by Mario Kart 64, in the category Without shortcuts.