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Game Awards: Live the event from “inside” thanks to the Roblox-like of Epic Games


Event news Game Awards: Live the event from “inside” thanks to the Roblox-like of Epic Games

It is on the night of Thursday to Friday that the Game Awards 2021 will take place. On the program, we obviously find the awards ceremony in the different categories, but also a whole series of announcements. And since the trend is towards the development of metavers, an unprecedented initiative has been put in place.

The metavers is roughly what the Internet giants are currently tending towards, and in particular the Facebook group, recently renamed Meta. It’s about interactive virtual spaces, in which users can interact. For some people, it would be the “successor” of the Internet, in which people will be able to evolve thanks to a digital avatar. Meta, Epic Games, Nvidia or even Roblox regularly evoke the construction of this world, and a preview can be seen at the Game Awards.

A ceremony now interactive and immersive

Game Awards: Experience the event of

In 2020, Epic Games released Core, a free creative platform that looks more or less like Roblox. Core thus makes it possible to create entire universes, to evolve in them, and to do various activities. Obviously, most of the creations are games, but it is also possible to find interactive shared spaces. This is what the organization of the Game Awards and Geoff Keighley, host and producer of the event will propose. Since last night, Core users, which is still in early access, can launch the Axial Tilt experience, which will allow you to follow the event live and interact with as if we were in the room. On the occasion of the posting of this experience, which is in addition to the classic broadcasts on Twitch and YouTube, Geoff Keighley said:

I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to present The Game Awards to a new audience. The emergence of new metaverse platforms like Core, and the extensive virtual experiences they enable around live events, presented an incredible opportunity to give fans a new interactive way to experience the show. And given that this is interactive entertainment, it seemed perfect.

Game Awards 2021: many presentations and announcements expected

Now unmissable, the Game Awards ceremony is the major event of the end of the year, during which many games are featured or announced. Rumors about this 2021 edition are rife, and Geoff Keighley has teased the presence of forty titles. Among them, we should find one or two announcements for the PS5 and Xbox Series, with “next-gen” gameplay, but also “six to ten” surprises. Specifically, the presenter teased four or five announcements of the caliber of Elden Ring.

For its part, Microsoft should announce four PC games that will integrate the Game Pass as soon as they are released, enough to highlight the subscription service currently at the heart of the strategy of the Xbox brand. All in all, we expect to hear the now legendary “World Premiere” many times. You can also follow the ceremony with us on LeStream, thanks to a special evening. From Thursday evening from 10:30 p.m., you will find the React HelloSolar.info dedicated to the ceremony, then a special quiz from midnight. The latter will take us until 1:30 am, when the ceremony should begin.

About the Game Awards 2021

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