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Prey: a sequel in the pipes for Arkane (Deathloop)?


Game news Prey: a sequel in the pipes for Arkane (Deathloop)?

As the Game Awards approach, rumors are increasing. After the noises of corridors on Bioshock 4, it is the continuation of Prey which could point the tip of its nose during the Oscars of the video game.

The header sequence is the video test of the Prey reboot by Arkane Austin, released on May 05, 2017. The video is from May 12, 2017.

Prey: a second opus announced at the Game Awards?

Prey: a sequel in the pipes for Arkane (Deathloop)?

In 2017, Arkane’s US subsidiary (based in Austin, Texas) published Prey. Reboot of the eponymous game of 2006 developed by Human Head Studios, the version of the creators of Dishonored (and more recently of Deathloop) had seduced the press and the public: as evidenced by the notes listed on Metacritic with 79/100 on the media side and 8/10 on the users.

And there may well be a second episode to be released in the years to come. It is Gamer which relays information from a 4chan forum: an official sequel to Prey is said to be in the pipeline on Arkane’s side. The source indicates that a CGI trailer will be shown at the Game Awards, the “Video Game Oscars“taking place this week.

Title, lifespan … rumors about Prey 2

This rumor of a new episode of Prey is all the more to be taken with a grain of salt as it is accompanied by a lot of information confirmed by neither Arkane, Bethesda nor Microsoft. This suite would be titled Prey 2: Neuroshock and would take place after the events of the first game. The player would embody Project Cobalt, the Typhoon organism injected into Morgan Yu’s cells. This sequel would be shorter, would include a “structure à la Deus Ex“and would have a more varied bestiary than its predecessor.

Of course, we will have to wait for a possible announcement from Arkane, Bethesda or Microsoft to be sure. Especially since the game is not planned for immediately since‘Arkane Austin, who is said to be in charge of Prey 2, is working on Redfall today. Announced at E3 this year, the title is an open-world cooperative FPS, seemingly inspired by Left 4 Dead. It is expected for summer 2022.

Source : 4chan, relayed by Gamer