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Good deal news The most underrated PC accessory is at a knockdown price on Amazon


Good plan news The most underrated PC accessory is knocked down on Amazon

Since the advent of telework, the dual screen at home is no longer reserved for gamers. Everyone got into it. Problem: two monitors on their big feet, it takes up space. An inexpensive and super practical solution exists: the dual screen support. Surely one of the most underrated PC accessories, which can serve as a good Christmas gift. Especially when you see such an interesting promo on Amazon.

On Amazon, there are a ton of dual monitor PC supports. We delved into the characteristics all the ones we could find, and, in our opinion, it is this model built by Huanuo that presents the best value for money.

Thanks to a nice promo, this double support signed Huanuo goes from $ 79.99 to $ 57.79. We will detail the characteristics of the machine a little below. You will see: the quality is there. By the way, Amazon reviews are not mistaken: there are 4,879 and the rating is 4.5 stars out of 5.

Buy the Huanuo dual screen mount for $ 57 on Amazon

Everything you need to know about the low cost dual monitor PC mount

You probably already know that having a dual screen is a convenience that we quickly find difficult to do without. To work by opening a bunch of windows at the same time or even play while following a live Twitch or consulting a walkthrough, it’s a real pleasure. If you have 2 borderless screens, you can even mimic an ultra wide screen!

As we said in the intro, this pleasure comes with a big constraint: having 2 screens takes up a lot of space on a desk. This support is a magic solution. It will save you space, but not only.

The most underrated PC accessory is knocked down on Amazon

Indeed, with its articulated arms and its different orientations, it is also possible to adjust his position as best as possiblen so that you can enjoy the resolution of your screens. It’s your back that will thank you!

You can even switch a screen to vertical (ideal for displaying a cat for example) without any effort. The placement possibilities of your gear become almost endless, and you are no longer limited by two feet that only allow up and down movement.

This mount can fit many screens, but it is necessary to stick to the criteria to know if it is suitable for your monitors.

First of all, you must check that your screens are equipped with fasteners of the type VESA. These are located on the back of your screen. Often, they are hidden by a plate or the foot of your screen. If in doubt, you can get information on the internet by entering the exact designation of your screen to find out if it has one or not. Don’t panic, this is an extremely common standard.

VESA interfaces come in several sizes. This support allows you to fix screens that have VESA mounts in 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm. In the worst case, you can use an adaptive plate which will allow you to fix your screen (like these).

Then, it is to know that each arm can support a screen measuring between 13 and 27 inches diagonally and up to 6.5kg. Again, rest assured, these sizes are the most standard and you have the mark in terms of weight.

Finally, this arm can be attached using a clamp system to your desk or via a hole. The thickness of your desk top must be understood between 2 and 9.5cm to be compatible.

Buy the Huanuo dual screen mount for $ 57 on Amazon

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