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News bon plan Updating the processor of your old PC has never been so inexpensive!


Good plan news Updating the processor of your old PC has never been so cheap!

Rue du Commerce is currently offering a great reduction on a pack containing a motherboard and a processor which will allow you, for a lower cost, to take advantage of the latest applications of the moment as well as the most powerful components on the market!

Christmas at Rue du Commerce: 22% reduction on the Intel Core i5 upgrade kit

It’s already Christmas at Rue du Commerce which launched hostilities by offering many promotions on its flagship products! And among them, we can count on this evolution kit containing a processor and a Gigabyte motherboard! Everything is offered with a 22% reduction!

Buy the i5 processor + Gigabyte Z590 motherboard pack for $ 249 at Rue du Commerce

Time flies particularly quickly! Indeed, some and some still think that it seemed to them that it was yesterday that Nvidia offered its GTX, these new graphics cards which made take off the performances of the PCs.

But time has passed, and we have now moved on to RTXs and the 12th generation of processors from Intel is about to emerge. So it may be time to change your PC configuration, especially if you want to take advantage of the latest innovations and technologies such as Ray-Tracing or DLSS.

This is why it is particularly interesting to look at this offer from Rue du Commerce which currently offers a 22% reduction on this upgrade kit. The latter notably contains a 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor and a Z590 UD AC motherboard.

With the combination of these two equipments, you will be able to start on excellent new bases for your last generation gaming PC. In fact, Gigabyte’s motherboard notably incorporates the new base capable of accommodating the new processors.

A very well endowed evolution kit: an Intel Core i5 processor + a Gigabyte motherboard

First of all, on the processor side, we are facing an Intel Core i5-10400. Part of the Comet Lake-S range, it is able to deploy up to 4.30 GHz at maximum frequency. The i5-10400 has 6 cores and 12 threads.

The latter is distinguished in particular by its power which takes on its full meaning in gaming. Indeed, in terms of performance, we often find the i5-10400 very close to the 5600X processor from AMD. The difference is mostly in the price point, because for a lower cost you can end up with a processor that equals a competitor who is supposed to be at the next level.

As for the motherboard, we find the Gigabyte brand which has made a specialty of equipping all gaming setups. The latter notably supports the latest generation processors (10th and 11th).

With its inputs and especially its sockets, this motherboard is able to support up to 128GB of RAM memory in DDR4 format and with a frequency of 4800 MHz.

Buy the i5 processor + Gigabyte Z590 motherboard pack for $ 249 at Rue du Commerce

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