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Abriss: chaos and destruction in this original cyberpunk game


Game news Abriss: chaos and destruction in this original cyberpunk game

Building to destroy is Abriss’s credo. Revealed this year, the title is being developed by the Randwerk studio. Through different levels, it allows players to build buildings specializing in destruction.

Abriss, what is it?

Abriss is a construction game focused on destruction whose gameplay revolves around a physics engine, that is to say, which reproduces the conditions of real life. Through different cyberpunk-like levels spread over several worlds, the player must construct buildings with the sole aim of destroying target buildings. To do this, the player has different components with which he can build the weapons of his choice:

As you complete the levels, new coins are unlocked and are synonymous with new weapons of mass destruction.

Similar to BeSiege

Once the construction is done, just observe the result. Creativity therefore remains the watchword of this game, where it is necessary to redouble inventiveness to succeed in destroying each block thanks to its constructions. Of course, such a title idea has already been seen with Besiege: Released on February 18, 2020, the game from Spiderling Studios allows players to build siege engines to break through enemy strongholds.

Regarding Abriss, however, we will have to wait until next year to get our hands on its full version. While a free and playable demo is already available, the entire game is expected in the first half of 2022 on PC.

Recommended configurations

Minimum configurationRecommended configuration
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