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Nacon: Financial report of the French publisher behind Swansong and Gollum


business news Nacon: Financial report of the French publisher behind Swansong and Gollum

The French publisher Nacon has just shared its financial report. With results in sharp decline for this year, the firm expects to rebound quickly thanks to many major releases in the new financial year.

“A transition exercise” according to Nacon

In 2022, Nacon is doing less well than last year. The French publisher posted a turnover of 156 million euros and a net profit of 10 million euros, a loss of 12% and 45% respectively compared to the previous year. A clear regression therefore, largely caused by a series of postponements of titles to the 2022-2023 financial year.

In detail, the gaming activity represents a turnover of $54.4 million a drop of around 21%. Despite the shortage of consoles, the accessories activity shows “good resistance” with $96.6 million, a decrease of 6%. To explain this result, the French publisher evokes a “transition exercise” during which many investments were made.

Note that Nacon successively acquired Midgar Studio and Daedelic Entertainment, and also states that it wishes to pursue this external growth strategy. As the firm explains in its press release, Nacon has invested nearly 100 million euros in two years. The publisher is optimistic and announces a return on investment from the current year.

Back off to better blow up

If Nacon wants to be so reassuring, it is because the publisher is planning several major releases during the year. First, the firm plans to expand its range of accessories which represents the major part of its turnover. Moreover, according to the press release, 46 games are currently in development and several of these titles should be released during the year: Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum as well as Steelrising and Session: Skateboarding Sim Game should ensure a good financial year for the firm, which forecasts a turnover of more than 250 million euros.

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