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If You Are A Fan Of FC Barcelona You Must See This Collectible LEGO Piece


News good deal If You Are A Fan Of FC Barcelona You Must See This Collectible LEGO Piece

The Camp Nou, mythical stadium of FC Barcelona, ​​was entitled to its LEGO set. If you are looking for a precious collector’s item for a fan of the mythical Catalan football club, this promo is sure to interest you.

First of all, we must introduce you to the merchant, probably unknown to the battalion for most of you. It’s normal, Zavvi is not yet a very popular brand in France. However, in the UK, Zavvi is one of the great leaders in the entertainment market. Remember Virgin Megastore? Well, this former great rival of Fnac has been bought… by Zavvi.

So you can go there with your eyes closed, count on us to never recommend unreliable sites. Zavvi is a reference in his field. On the site, you will find tons of derivative products, all official, from almost all the most popular licenses in the world (Star Wars, Marvel, One Piece…).

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The recommended retail price for this huge collectible LEGO set is around 350$. Even without any discount, Zavvi has a lower price than that: $329.99. Better still, the brand adds a promo code to enter in the dedicated field just before your checkout: the code LEGO20. Thanks to the latter, you will save an additional $20, which makes the big collector’s set at $309.99. Given the size of the beast, it’s not bad at all.

Buy the LEGO Camp Nou Set at 309$ on Zavvi (code LEGO20)

The barça stadium: a LEGO collector’s item

It’s been a long time since LEGO was a brand just for kids. Adults are also entitled to their ultra-detailed sets. In fact, the value of the rarest LEGO collectibles can quickly skyrocket.

The advantage of buying LEGO is therefore threefold:

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Let’s take a quick look at the characteristics: 5509 piecestons of details (we think for example of the tunnel of the players or even the bus and the press room), a very substantial size 20 cm high, 49 cm wide and 46 cm deep, and even a small booklet written for FCB fans.

Needless to say, if you love Barça, it’s hard to find anything better than a Camp Nou LEGO set, the temple of football which has seen the mythical Remontada in its midst. For that price, given the current LEGO market, it’s really worth it!

Buy the LEGO Camp Nou Set at 309$ on Zavvi (code LEGO20)

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