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How a video of Pierre Richard was broadcast by Ukraine: the actor confides in Midi Libre


The actor speaks in our columns, delivering the astonishing genesis of this publicized sequence.

His poignant message on the war in Ukraine was widely relayed on the web, commented on even on the set of BFMTV, where “his appeal to Putin” was looping on Friday evening, summed up a banner from the first news channel.

Pierre Richard did not expect his words to find such an echo, he told us on Saturday, revealing the genesis of this sequence. “Initially, a friend told me that a Ukrainian minister with whom he is in contact liked me very much and that it would please him to have a message to know what I think of the situation, explains the actor . I sent it and it went like this…”

Pierre Richard is an actor adored by Russians and Ukrainians.
The fact that he is getting involved touches a lot in Ukraine.
His voice counts to counter Russian TV propaganda. Thanks to the chain of friends who made the link! pic.twitter.com/wGAuJXt49c

— Caroline Fourest (@CarolineFourest) April 16, 2022

“My outrage is shared by millions of people”

In the video posted Friday on the YouTube channel of the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior, quickly alerting BFMTV, Pierre Richard denounces the “barbarism” of the conflict in front of the camera and calls for an end to the war. “It’s abominable”, adds, the tight sip, the one who knew, child, the Second world war.

The actor salutes the “courage”, the “capacity for resistance” and the “determination” of the Ukrainians. He says he is “torn”, he who knows “Russia and Ukraine” and loves “both peoples”. Although he has never associated with their politicians, he recalls, with the exception of Gorbachev, Pierre Richard has always been welcomed as a rockstar by his Russian fans who also arrive every summer in whole buses at the heart of his vineyards of Gruissan (Aude), launched in the footsteps of their cinematographic imagination.

Many of them were nurtured by films of the “tall blond”, which escaped censorship during the time of the USSR. Can the rare word of this legend of the 7th Art, recalled BMTV on Friday, have a certain impact on public opinion, especially in Russia, where he is “adulated”?

“I have no influence”

This is undoubtedly the bet made by the Ukrainian authorities, who have chosen to make the video public. “I have no influence, however, puts Pierre Richard into perspective, if it can help them by two centimeters, that’s always taken, but I don’t believe it. My indignation is shared by millions of people. I don’t don’t think it will reach the Russians who don’t see the images of what is happening in Ukraine either. But I want to tell them that we are massacring women, children, civilians in the middle of the street, at the end of the day, however, that we are sending bombs to hospitals.”

Depardieu “did well” to distance himself from the Kremlin

Pierre Richard, on the other hand, does not wish to comment on his “friend” Gérard Depardieu, who had forged ties with Vladimir Poutine. But “he did well” to distance himself from the Kremlin, he breathes.

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