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Good deal news The price of the bluetooth keyboard drops 50% and it is suitable for 4K TV, iPad, PC …


Good plan news The price of the bluetooth keyboard loses 50% and it is suitable for 4K TV, iPad, PC …

This Logitech keyboard is a bit special, in fact, it is able to support smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs! Offered for less than 35 $, this Logitech wireless Bluetooth keyboard is 50% off!

It’s Christmas at Amazon: 50% Off Logitech Keys-To-Go Wireless Keyboard

As the end of the year holidays are fast approaching, Amazon has decided to strike a blow by already offering promotions on many products. And we can say that the famous brand is not doing things by halves by offering a 50% reduction on this wireless keyboard from Logitech.

Buy the Logitech Keys-to-Go keyboard for $ 34 from Amazon

We operate in a world that is establishing more and more connections between the different devices that make it up. Between smartphones, touch tablets, smart TVs, and other different connected devices, we can say that we are particularly well equipped.

However, we are still living in a transitional era where old uses remain while new technologies emerge. A clear example: using the remote control to write on a virtual keyboard to configure your 4K TV. Or more simply when looking for a particular series on Netflix, Disney + or Prime Video. Those who have gone through this stage know the ordeal it can become.

Likewise, our smartphones are becoming more and more powerful and have for some time surpassed the powers of office computers. So when you have to write a particularly long email on your smartphone, you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed.

This is why Logitech developed this wireless keyboard. The Logitech Keys-to-go works via a bluetooth system and can thus be used as a keyboard for your smartphone, your tablet or your smart TV.

In addition, with its rapid recharge and long battery life, you can use it for long hours! And its ultra-compact format will allow you to take it with you in all circumstances!

This wireless keyboard is based on the Bluetooth protocol in order to be able to connect to your various devices. 24cm long, 13cm square and just 6mm thick, it can fit anywhere (and its weight of 180g has a lot to do with it).

Equipped with shortcuts, its compact format (although a bit unusual when you are used to a keyboard with a numeric keypad) will still allow you to have access to the same shortcuts as a normal keyboard.

Buy the Logitech Keys-to-Go keyboard for $ 34 from Amazon

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