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Good deal news Samsung Galaxy M32 smartphone with record battery life is on sale before Christmas


Good plan news Samsung Galaxy M32 smartphone with record autonomy is on sale before Christmas

Samsung has made its Galaxy M range a champion of autonomy. After the M12 that we saw on sale during Black Friday, it is around the M32, a smartphone still extremely enduring but with much better characteristics, to see its price drop as Christmas approaches. At only 269 $, you will see that it has everything a great!

In a recent survey, smartphone users between the ages of 15 and 75 were asked what their number one selection criteria is when buying a new smartphone. Among characteristics such as the screen size, the refresh rate, the quality of the camera, the number of photo sensors or even the brand, what stood out as the number criterion above all the others is autonomy.

So of course, according to the age groups, the answers and the needs vary, but on all the users in the end it is the autonomy which seems to be the most important point to take into account for the majority of between us.

No wonder then that entry and mid-range smartphones between 100 and 400 $ (the most sold) proudly advance their autonomy as the number one marketing argument.

The Galaxy M32 is no exception to the rule and offers a monstrous autonomy of between 2 and 3 days. Usually sold over 300 $, it can be found today on Amazon at only 269 $.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy M32 smartphone at $ 269 on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy M32, an ultra-durable smartphone with a superb screen at a great price

Unlike the M12 which is clearly and proudly oriented on the low entry-level price with concessions on the screen, the processor, the camera and the overall finishes, the M32 is on the other hand more portable than the ‘one could consider as a good mid-range. Or the high end of the entry level, in short, call it what you want after all.

The first difference that is obvious with the M12 is the screen. We swap the 720p IPS panel of 6.5 inches by a magnificent 6.4-inch Full HD + (2400x1080p) Super AMOLED panel with a 90Hz refresh rate. Some will quibble about the absence of 120 Hz, but frankly at this price one should not ask for too much and two, unless you are a super hero, you will never know the difference between 90 Hz and 120 Hz in typical use of your smartphone. At a pinch in games, and more, but this smartphone is not made for that. You will be able to play of course, but with a modest configuration and settings set on medium.

The second difference is to be brought up to the performance level, the Galaxy M32 swaps the weak Exynos 850 of the M12 for a faster one. Helio 80 from Mediatek. Everything is accompanied by 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. A port Dual Sim is present as well as a port MicroSD to increase memory if you run out of space.

In terms of the camera, we still have the right to 4 modules but which this time are much more to their advantage than those of the M12. the 64 Mpx main sensor coupled with the image processing of which Samsung has the secret, allows it to get by with frankly pleasant shots. Lake20 MP selfie america will also enhance you.

Last notable point, as we mentioned above, the autonomy of this M32. With his huge 5000mAH battery, its greedy and well-optimized processor and its perfectly calibrated Super Amoled panel, the Samsung Galaxy M32 is able to hold without problem for 2 whole days with normal use and even 3 days for those who do not turn on their smartphone 500 times per day It is also supplied with a 25W fast charger which will allow it to fully recharge from 0 to 100% in just under 2 hours.

The Samsung Galaxy M32 at a glance :

Usually available for $ 309, the Samsung Galaxy M32 smartphone is currently sold at Amazon for only $ 269 as the holiday season approaches.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy M32 smartphone at $ 269 on Amazon

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