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Gard firefighters sent two semi-trailers to Ukraine


48 pallets of medical and paramedical equipment will first be sent to Medyca (Poland).

First they preferred to mark out the land. Just to provide effective aid and not to clog the roads to Poland and then Ukraine in a disorderly fashion.

The Gard firefighters sent their first large humanitarian convoy on Monday morning to help the populations affected by the war in Ukraine.

48 donation pallets

In all, 48 pallets of donations (four additional pallets arrived this weekend), mainly medical and paramedical equipment for the injured and disaster victims and, in particular, children. The products were collected from all over the Gard via the 27 fire stations that have set up collection points.

Two semi-trailers, made available by the carriers Capelle and Dubois, therefore left the Nîmes Saint-Césaire rescue center on Monday with a first stop in Rouffach, near Strasbourg, where there is a first national logistics platform.

The Medyca base, a humanitarian base for French firefighters

The products were then transported to Medyca, in Poland,very close to the Ukrainian border, emphasizes Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Agrinier. The Ukrainian firefighters then organized themselves to supply various points in Ukraine from Medyca.

It should be noted that the Medyca base will also serve as a humanitarian base for French firefighters, with a view to providing care to war victims.

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