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Energy Storage Watch List
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Energy Storage Watch List

Energy Storage Watch List

At this year’s solar power international – energy storage companies came out in full force from around the globe. A variety of energy storage solutions were on display this year. Many well-known players looked to establish themselves firmly in the market, while several up and coming companies also showcased their offerings.   Here are some of the players that caught our team’s attention.



The well-known German car manufacturer brings its manufacturing expertise to the world of energy storage. This year Mercedes started offering energy storage solutions for residential use.

Mercedes-Benz has begun selling their battery via Utah-based solar company Vivint Solar this year – pairing solar with energy storage. Mercedes’ home batteries have a capacity of 2.5kWh, and customers can scale a total of eight for 20kWh of backup power.


The electronics device manufacturer LG Chem is arguably, Tesla’s biggest competitor for the energy storage market. This year LG is going all out to establish itself in the market. With years of experience developing batteries for mobile devices. LG takes a crack at offering residential-scale battery solutions.


The Chinese battery manufacturer offers affordable energy storage solutions form the Far East. Their lines of batteries are commonly used for emergency lighting, toys, household appliances, and solar energy storage.




With headquarters in Canada the battery manufactures, Discover Energy, offers a variety of different energy storage solutions for various applications. At SPI this year, Discover Energy showcased its Dry Cell, Tubular and AES Series batteries.

Through its variety of battery offerings the company looks to eliminate user related issues, reduce maintenance costs, and provide measurable productivity and performance gains.



For more energy storage coverage check out our list of top solar battery companies. 

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