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Traces of cocaine in the toilets of Westminster: the scandal that shakes the British parliament


Traces of cocaine have been found in a toilet at the Palace of Westminster in England? These revelations from the Sunday Times could well embarrass the British government, as it prepares to launch a vast plan to fight drugs.

Sometimes the fate is ironic. This is currently the case in England, where the announcement of the launch of a major plan to combat drug consumption was eclipsed the very next day by the shattering revelations of the Times which announced that traces of cocaine had been found in the toilets of the palace where the two chambers of the British Parliament sit.

These traces of drugs were found in several places of the palace, in particular in the toilets which adjoin the office of Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, who the day before thus promised that the criminals at the origin of the drug trafficking would not have ” nowhere to hide “.

“The law will be fully applied”

The Sunday Times also reveals that cocaine residues were also found “in a dozen other washrooms in the Palace of Westminster”, indicates the Figaro. Note however that the Palace of Westminster has twelve toilets, as stated in the British newspaper. The Speaker of the House of Commons indicated that a canine brigade would go there and that the sanction reserved for potential consumers would be “serious”.

“The Sunday Times’ allegations of drug use in parliament are very worrying. (…) I will hasten to dispel the doubt with the help of the police as of this week. I hope the law will be fully implemented. applied, “he told the BBC microphone.

Cannabis too?

Because the daily revelations go further since cannabis odors have also been detected. The scale of these revelations forced the Secretary of State for Police to react on English television. He stresses that it is not necessarily parliamentarians themselves who are involved.

“Several thousand people work in the precincts of Parliament. They reflect the society as a whole. I would not be surprised if among all these people, some use narcotics” and to add that “it shows the extent of the problem drug”.